millie is escaping from everthing!

she tries to get out of her bumo i put her in her bouncy chair that she loves and she lent so far forward that the whole chair went to topple over but i caught it just in time!!i lay her down and she just rolls everywhere she can't sit up on her own yet but is doing well but i cant wait til she can!! hehe shes 19 weeks 2morrow xx


  • JJ seems to be getting like that too hun, altho he can't roll he can shuffle on his bum lol...(he was in the middle of the blanket to start with)

  • Wait till your changing there bum after they have done a poo and they try escaping. Im seriously considering buying a rabbit mat for when Fraser starts. Check them out put rabbit mat in your search engine.
  • Oh dear! Sounds like you cant take your eyes ofher for just 1 second!

    Louise managed to wee on the carpet after already weeing on her change mat a couple of weeks ago.........she just wouldn't stay still while I was trying to clear up after a leaky poo..............
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