A cold

My baby came down with a cold yesterday, she was a bit chesty saturday night, she woke up yesterday really bad, Bless her.
Shes really not with it, you usually have to fight with her for a good half an hour to get her to sleep but since yesterday all shes done is sleep. When she wakes up, shes a bit dozy for 10-15 minuites then shes sleeping again. I dont want to give her anything as shes not really with it if you know what i mean, id be a bit worried that it would make her worse.
Im taking her to the doctors in a bit, he'll probably just give me calpol for her temp.
Does anyone have any home remedies i can try? Shes 5 months so i dont want to be filling her with medicine. :cry:


  • Its prob best to let her sleep it off but unless she has a chest infection or somthing then doc will prob just give you calpol like you say. i think this year has been a particularbad year for colds and that took my lo to docs last week thought he had a chest infection and ended up in hosp for night for second time this year hope your lo is ok doc will be best one to advise you xx
  • bless her. sleep is the best thing for her. The doc gave my lo some decongestant nose drops which were fantastic. And said she needed some ibroprofin as she had a viral infection inc some spots along with her cold and cough. I have peviously used nasosol which is a saline that clears lo's nose - not really medicine, it clears nose as they cant blow it.

    You can raise the head end of her cot to help her breath and take her into a steamy room (run hot taps/shower in bathroom.

    Hope she feels better soon

    Lisa and Lou
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