Bumbo in bath

Hi Mummies and babies

Just thought i'd tell you about our bath with the bumbo last night.

She usually uses a pink lay back one but she was forever wanting to sit up and couldn't kick her feet right well so i tried sitting her in her bumbo in the bath and she loved it! One thing that freaked me out to start with was it floating a little with being hollow but i was there for one and me and oh checked how far she would have to move for it to actually tip and she didn't stand a chance of doing it. Anyway. She was happily kicking away, and doing the odd float up and down the bath which amused her greatly. lol. I know there is the yellow bath seats that stick to the bottom but i haven't got one yet for her and this was a good substitute. lol

Just thought i'd let you know anyway


I'm still useless at uploading them so thought i'd send the link instead

Lisa xxx


  • whats a brill idea x
  • I totally agree with you there because they do float a little bit with being hollow. I definatly wouldn't have done it if i wasn't near enough in the bath with her watching she didn't fall out or something. lol.

    Lisa xxx
  • lol how cool, i may have to do that x
  • Yes Naz7 I remember reading that too!

  • oh i completely agree with all of you against it and i really wouldn't have done it if i'd have been out of the room but she was getting destressed in her normal laid back one so i suggested it to the oh and he got it for me. I wouldn't dream of putting her in any danger. We had our eyes on her like a hawk! lol I was sat behind her at all times and know for sure she wouldn't have gone anywhere.

    Thank you for the replies though because i didn't know about the soaking into the sponge bit so i will be more careful (if thats hawk eye isn't lol)

    Lisa xxx
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