Snow! What Snow?

Please let me not be the only BE mummy with out snow!!!!! i love the stuff and there isn't a flake to be seen!
i am in dumbarton on the west of scotland and all we have in miserasble grey skys.
i want to buils a snow mummy, daddy and baby!
love fiona (staring out window wishing for snow )


  • We're getting loads image

    Hopefully gonna be building a snowman soon image

  • just started here! hope there is loads so school is shut tomorrow!
  • Booooo!!!! Not fare image(
  • you're not alone, I don't have any snow either!!
    i'm in SW London
  • would love for it to start falling soon reall really heavy so oh could phone work and say he was snowed in and could go back to b****y barrow. He has only been home for 11days this month. and is going to be away for another 11 days . Hate the navy, no consideration for wifes
  • We've had a very small sprinkling in Coventry, not enough to settle.

    I should win eiher way - if it snows enough then hubby may be able to work from home, if it doesn't then it's bumps n babies coffee morning!
  • I am near bluewater in kent and we have had it on and off all day not enough to settle yet as its been very blizzrd like especially when i was standing watching hubby play football this morning freezing my bottom off!!! They think we will have loads more later which will settle which is a bummer cos i was gonna go bingo tonight but i dont want to risk it snowing and settling and me struggling to drive!! xx
  • We had a bit of snow earlier, i'm in Surrey. I wouldn't have noticed if my OH hadn't opened the blinds lol
  • There's none at all in West Wales - blue skies but a freezing 20 mph wind. We haven't had any snow here for over 3 years so am hoping for some this week. My 2 yr old has only seen it on the telly!!
  • Oh my goodness, all my family is from dumbarton and I was born in Vale of Leven Hospital in Alexandria, we moved down here when I was only weeks old though but my family was Huuuuge, and my grandad was a local character I bet you knew some of them!???
  • we have snow in the midlands! xxx
  • My other half has just watched the Liverpool game, glad they won hes been a nightmaere all day, I was ready to kill him - 1 word answers wouldn't eat and really grumpy - bloody men!
    Hey were is my other post?
  • We have got loads down here in Suffolk! image

  • willow sarah you are never too old to make a snow angel and being a mummy is the perfect excuse to do one!!!!!
    holly777 i wanted to have hayden in the mid wife led unit at the vale but he was 12 days late and i had to be enduced at paisley RHA. I'm afraid i grew up in helensburgh but moved in with my now husband 4 years ago to dumbarton. But cool how i have found someone who actually knows where i stay! woohoo!
  • I always say my family are from near glasgow for that reason, havent been up there for about 10 years but I really miss the bread rolls and what was that drink - portella??
  • We have snow in Brighton!!!!!!!
  • you know how when we were all in the ttc forum and we would send baby dust to eachother, well can all the BE mummies with snow send some my may (west scotland) please?
  • Ohhhhhh just looked out before heading up to bed and we have a complete white blanket and it's snowing again-wahooo!
    Lucky I don't have to go to work tomorrow and fingers crossed oh doesn't either! x
  • Right thats it - can everyone who wants snow PLLLLEEEASSSSEEE come and collect it from my house!

    Three times in the past 3 months is more than enough - all it will cost you is some sunshine lol
  • if i wasnt already in bed i would be in your garedn bagging it up!!!
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