Nappy Changing Nightmare!

Hi ladies, I was wondering if you had aby tips for me! Lo is nearly 9 mmonths, and for the last few days, nappy changing is a nightmare! As soon as I let go of her, she quicklyspins on to her front, and then sits up. This takes her about a second to do, so every time I put a dirty nappy or cotton wool ball in the nappy bag, she is off! I try and keep her on her back, but she just squirms and cries, and it breaks my heart! Even when my husband is home, its still a struggle!

I have tried distracting her with toys and singing, and have started changing her on the floor so she can't jump off the changing unit!

Does anyone have any advice/tips, or a reassurance that this will get easier? I am starting to dread nappy changes!



  • Can she stand? Like holding on to you? I do it like that when mine just refuses to lay down (he is now 21 months lol, but been doing the standing up for a long time now, when needed). Also - toys dont work, MOBILE PHONE does lol!!! Anythig that they d want to have but usually cant (remote, keys, bla bla bla) can totally work at nappy changes! :P
  • Also - toys dont work, MOBILE PHONE does lol!!! Anythig that they d want to have but usually cant (remote, keys, bla bla bla) can totally work at nappy changes! :P

    Totally agree! I have an old mobile kept for precisely this purpose image
  • Have you tried changing her on your knee instead? Leighton is 8 months and is a nightmare on the floor - just spins onto his front and disappears, lol! But on my knee he can't get anywhere! xxx
  • Thanks ladies image

    I can't believe I didn't think of the mobile, it's the one thing she covets! She can stand really well, I stand her up when she is getting stripped for her bath. Haven't mastered changing on my knee, but then I have never tried. How easy/hard is it, especially for pooey nappies?

    Roll on next nappy change!
  • To be honest I change both my boys on my knee almost all the time. Can manage pooey ones no problems, only time I really use the mat is if its a really messy pooey one! Its so much easier as you kind of pin them down at the same time as lifting their legs, so this helps to stop them wiggling away! x
  • I feel your pain. I really dread them too. And getting her dry after bath as she hates anything that restrains her now she's crawling.

    I do as much of the changing standing or sitting up as possible and keep the lying down part to the absolute minimum. I also quite often just give up and let her crawl off bare bummed and then chase her around trying to put a nappy on backwards. I sometimes then leave actually dressing her again for a few minutes to let her feel free for a while and so I can get my motivation up again! Sigh!

  • Blimey she only just going that, Lukes been doing that for months, nappy time getting dressed takes ages!

  • Blimey she only just going that, Lukes been doing that for months, nappy time getting dressed takes ages!

    I take it you didn't mean to offend me when you wrote this? I don't enter into Mummy Olympics, and yes "she is only just doing that"

    Thanks to everyone else for your responses, the mobile phone did the trick! Kept her still just long enough before my phone was thrown across the room!
  • Hannahs_Mummy, B has "is only just doing that" too! (did sound a bit offensive) Its a nightmare! Especially as when he's been teething for the past week he's had very messy pooey nappies! I have also tried the mobile phone, seems to work for some times and not others. I'm like you, do a bit at a time and then chase him!

    p.s. Your phone being thrown across the room! made me giggle.

  • Rebecca - Rather than competing, maybe you could offer some ideas about how you manage it??

    I cant at the moment as, at 8 and a bit months, I have one twin who likes to roll, but doesnt during nappy changes yet, and another twin who can roll but doesnt bother...and im not sure theyll ever sit up at the moment! lol!
  • i change jonni on my knee now. he still struggles but its much harder for him to get anywhere. failing this its standing up backwards nappy fastening!!! they look a sight at times and all bulge at one side but hey i tried my best. we have pull up pants but i hate having to take them off when they are covered in poo!
  • I interpreted Rebecca's post to be one of understanding what it's like, not competition of how long her lo has been doing it.
  • i thought it was meant in a nice way too?!! Just unfortunately worded pehaps?
  • Oh sorry if it came accross that way Hannah I only meant that you are very lucky she has only just started to roll over, did not mean to offend and no way was I trying to compete, I feel upset by that remark that someone else made, yes sugarcube it was meant in a nice way, don't think i'll bother anymore.
  • KMRose... which huggies are those? They sound perfect because I too have the nappy changing nightmare and end up with them all done up wrong and half of it up his bum!! ha ha!!
  • Rebecca - I apologise. The 'Blimey' part made me think your post was a little competitive (maybe the wrong word but cant think of another! lol) I take back my comment...although I do think you could have worded your post better as I wasnt the only one who thought it a little insensitive??
  • Max was like this too from about 8 months and it is a nightmare! We went onto pull ups and changing standing up pretty soon after cos i was getting too upset restraining him. I've tried just to go with the flow and put toys/snacks on tv unit or sofa so he can amuse himself when i whip off the nappy!

    Oddly, after 3.5 months of standing up changing he now lets me change him lying down now about 70% of the time.

    Oooh by the way - just a thought for you all - Max had a bad tum on flight to Greece last month so imagine 2 adults trying to change a standing up crying very watery poopy baby in an aeroplane toilet!!! NOT GOOD!! xxxxxx
  • Rebecca, i read your message as slightly offensive but knowing you from your previous posts in September forum I know you probably hadnt meant it to sound like that and your very respectful of other posters, I thought perhaps you were just having an off day! Sometimes so many different things can be read into text when you cant hear the person's tone of voice!
    Sorry if i upset you!
  • Thanks KM- I'm gonna head to Tescos tomorrow and give them a go... anything that makes nappy changes a tad easier gets my vote!! ha ha xxx
  • Rebecca, I know you are not a malicious person! image

    I thought you were saying Hannah was not as quick as some of the other babies, and I had to jump to her defence! (I am very defensive about this, long story!)

    Hannah is being good for the time being, I do worry for my phone when she is waving it around her pooey bum. Might get her her own Blackberry image


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