What do you put your baby in for bed??

Hi my little girl is 14 weeks old. For bed she has a Baby grow, vest and a sleep suit (can't remember what they are called now!!! image ) it's a tog of 2.0.

I am very very worried over Cot death so i am obsessed by her overheating, but in the same respect don't want her getting too cold.

What do you put your little one's in,clothes and blanket wise? x


  • I only put Lily in a sleepsuit (or baby grow, whatever you want to call it) for clothes during the night.
    And then she has two blankets ...
    I might get her a 0.5tog sleeping bag (is that the name you were looking for?) and have her in that and a blanket to keep it secure.
    (I'm pretty obsessed with Cot Death too, I'm constantly going in her room in the middle of the night to check the room thermometer)
  • That's it Sleeping bag!!! Ha. Aww i think im freezing my little princess. She's in a cot next to my bed, but still worried.
  • Hi hun, Im the same, so worried all the time!

    I live in a really warm house so have just ordered some 1 tog sleeping bags and will put her to bed in the sleeping bag with just a vest on! I struggle to get the room bellow 23/24c!

  • If it's a 2.0tog then she shouldn't be too bad at the moment.
    Put a light blanket over the sleeping bag if you're worried though. image
    Jojo... Surely it's just for pure hygiene to change a baby into pyjamas for the nights...?
  • Thanks for the replies. My room get's hot too, so it can be very stuffy. x
  • Jojo i would highly reccommend, bathing and changing your baby into something more comfortable such as a clean vest and baby grow every night. I would hate to go to bed for the night in what i had on in the day. Just a little advice for you.
  • You dont have to bath her every night, but make sure she is put in clean vest and baby grow every night for bed.... I would bath her of a night too. Try and time her feeds, as you said she goes every 2 hours so say she has a bottle at 6pm, leave it an hour then bath her. By the time you have bathed her and changed her into night clothes it will be time for her next bottle
  • I actually do bath LO every night. He loves it and it works as a great sleep cue in his bedtime routine...bath, pjs, boob and bed.

    Re what to wear, someone on here said a cold baby will tell you, a hot one won't. My LO wears a long sleeved vest and until recently it was under a 1 tog grobag, now its a 2.5 tog one. As it gets colder I'll swap it to a short sleeved vest and sleepsuit under the grobag, then later on add blankets as and when necessary.

    I don't bother with thermometers, just go by how it feels and how warm he feels. Whilst it's recommended that the room is 18C, different babies have different core body temperatures so have different needs iykwim?
  • Going by our thermometer our room is usually 23/24 degrees at night time. We have Finley in just a long sleeved sleepsuit with a blanket over him. He tends to kick it off if he's too hot but has kept it on for the last couple of nights. He is quite a hot baby and this seems to be enough for him and he never feels too cold. He's just over 6 weeks. Like Phoenix85 said, a cold baby would let you know they are cold whereas a hot baby would not. I also recommend a change of clothes at night time. We bath/feed and bed Finley making sure he is in a fresh. clean sleepsuit. We don't bath him every evening but we tend to top and tail him if we don't bath him. x
  • our room is about 21 so we have vest baby grow and then 2.5 sleeping bag. ideal for all these is 20 degrees, if its a bit warmer I have all the same but a 1 tog sleeping bag xx
  • i dont put dd is anywhere near tht amount of layers. i have a thermometer and use the gro bag guides on how to dress her.


    at the moment it's around 22 in our room and she wears a babygro in her 1 tog bag. or, if it's a little warmer, a long sleave vest. by body suit they mean a vest. grobag doesnt have bottoms on the baby until it's very cold. i find dd's arms get cold, which is why i always go for long sleeves unless it's very hot.

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  • Tried ds in his 6-18 month grobag today (his 0-6 month one was still damp, and I thought he'd be too cool in the 1 tog one). It's humongous! There's such a massive difference between the 2 sizes. I've ended up putting the 1 tog small one on and blankets on top as I was worried he'd slip through the massive arm holes. Quite irritating.
  • i was tempted to saw a couple of stitches in the arm hole of dds 6-18 month grobag so she didnt slip under it, but she has been fine.
  • We have T in a vest and babygrow tonight inside a 2.5 tog sleeping bag.

    It depends on the weather really as to what she wears for bed, but she generally has a babygrow and a sleeping bag - sometimes a 2.5 tog one nad sometimes a 1 tog one. She had a 0.5 tog one when it was hot during the (blink and you missed it) summer. There were also a few nights in July, I think, where she had on just a long sleeve or,one time a short sleeved, vest. Phoenix - I completely agree about the sizing. T has just gone into 6-18 months bags and on some of them the arm holes are enormous - and she's 9 months and average sized!
  • Similar to bg that is the guide iv been going on too, they have a similar table in the babies r us catologue.

    Our room is usually between 21-24 degrees. Alana wears a long sleeve sleep suit, I only put a blanket on her if temp drops below 23 but she tends to be quite a warm baby anyway.
  • Not a bad idea Calleigh. The smaller ones have poppers on under the arms to make it smaller for when they are really little.
  • uhmmm JojoT2010, I'm actually a little bit shocked that you would put baby to sleep in what she has worn all day, jeans aren't even comfortable and how do you know you have her at the right temperature. Do you wear what you have worn all day to bed? Do you sleep in your jeans???
  • uhmmm JojoT2010, I'm actually a little bit shocked that you would put baby to sleep in what she has worn all day, jeans aren't even comfortable and how do you know you have her at the right temperature. Do you wear what you have worn all day to bed? Do you sleep in your jeans???

    i could be wrong, and i apologise if so, but I suspect she is a troll based on that comment and her thread about solids :roll:
  • Oh ok, I just couldn't believe it and felt sorry for this poor little baby, wind up!
  • My LO just sleeps in a long sleeve vest and his 2.5 tog sleeping bag. He gets too hot in a babygrow as he doesn't seem to like his feet covered. he is 11 months now so thinking of getting PJ's for winter
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