You know the ring on the thread test?

Just wondered how many of us did it when we were pregnant to predict the sex and how accurate it was. For anyone who doesn't know, you put a gold ring (best is a wedding band) on a piece of thread or string. Hold it still over your hand, it can really be held anywhere as long as part of you is underneath it! Independently it should start to move, a circle is a girl, back and forth is a boy. It does all children, so to predict a second etc. it has to go past a first child. It reads miscarriages and terminations as well, which is something to be aware of. It just doesn't move when it's gone through all pregnancies. I had a miscarriage which comes out as girl, I have a boy which comes out next. Then I have 3 more pregnancies! So fully is girl, boy, boy, girl, boy!! I know not everyone believes in Angel readings, but I had one of these done. It said I have another child waiting to come to me, but it will be a hard journey to get there. Well my OH only wants one child, plus if I'm due all these pregnancies maybe some won't be successful. Just thought it was interesting. Anyone else want to share anything? image xx


  • Hi

    I did this, but i dangled it over my belly and it predicted a boy before we found out the sex and it was right.

    Although on a sceptical note, i'm abit into spiritualism (thanks to my mum) and there is something similar you do with a crystal and ask it questions and the swing means a yes or a no, i've worked out that you can really force the outcome of this without moving it yourself, if you think the answer is yes or no then the crystal moves in that direction. Weird but true !!!

  • That's interesting. No matter how many times I do it, it still comes out the same. xx
  • I just did it! I tried my engagement ring but it's platinum so it didn't work so I used a friend's gold ring

    I get boy, girl, boy, girl. I had an ectopic in 2008 which I thought was a boy, I have a 10 month old daughter now. So two more pregnancies! I actually thought I would have a girl next then a boy!!

    How exciting! x
  • Kimmy, I thought the bean I lost was a girl, so I'm convinced it works. Just not sure how! image xx
  • No wonder it didn't work for me when pregnant - I used my ring which is platinum!! Didn't realise it had to be gold... :roll:

    Will try again with a gold ring - am interested to see what it says, esp the sexes of our angel babies...and how many more pregnancies I'll have!

    Will report back later ;\)

    Love NN and Olyvia xxx

    p.s - will it work with white gold?
  • Hi NN, I think it should as white gold has yellow gold underneath I believe. xx
  • My mother did a slightly different version on me. She asked the ring yes or no questions ('is it a girl?'). Back and forth was yes, round in a circle was no. It predicted I was having a girl. Peter is anything but! And my poor mother was so convinced that she was right, too ...
  • I did it with dd1 and it said girl. I didn't do it this time as we asked the sex at the scan. I didn't know it showed all pregnancies, I'll have to do it again and see what happens.

    I also have a friend who 'predicts' the sex of babies. I think she has a nearly 100% record in the few years I've known her.
  • I dont understand it! Its swung for boy for 5 minutes..(ive had 2 boys then 3mcs then another boy then it circled at the end ?!!?
  • How do you get it to 'predict' how many pregnancies etc. I did it when I was pregnant with Niamh but can't remember the result!
  • woomummy, did you stop it swinging after each reading? I move it away, then reposition it again. That way you have a clear new reading. HTH. xx
  • Aha Mithical i didnt realise you could stop it - will try again x
  • Anyone else? image xx
  • I did it!

    So it said two boys (DS 1&2) then three boys (mc) one boy DS3 then 1 girl...Then it stopped...
  • mine said boy (have a little boy)...then girl (had a mc which we were convinced was a girl)...then it stopped x
  • Well woomummy, looks like you're having one more! :lol:

    mrsjbourne, were you planning on trying again? xx
  • i go through stages of wanting another but i don't think we will x
  • i have to say i'm now a believer...a friend on fb has 5 children and she's just done it and it correctly predicted 2 girls and then 3 boys!! x
  • hi, jus done this after seeing mrsjb's post on predicted girl, girl, girl, boy
    i have 2 girls already and have always wanted atleast 3, love things like this!! xxx
  • :lol: obviously the ring hasn't finished with me yet!
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