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What does your lo weigh?

I had my lo weighed today. she is 19 weeks and she weighs 13lb 1oz. What does your lo's weigh?


  • I have just had Poppy weighed an hour ago and she is 13lbs 3oz and was 11 weeks yesterday.
  • Kade was weighed last week at 10 weeks and was 13lb 8oz :\)
  • finley was last weighed at 13 +4 weeks and was 15lb 4 oz
  • Kara was weighed almost 2 weeks ago when she was almost 9 weeks and wighed 7lb 8oz. She was so light because she was premature by 51/2 weeks and only weighed 3lb 12oz at birth. She is coming on great. I would say she is about 8lb now although I wont get her weighed until 2 weeks time when she gets her next jags.
  • Holly was weighed yesturday at 13weeks and 3 days and is 13lb 6oz
  • Had Macey weighed last tuesday and she was just over 15 weeks and was 12lb 9oz x
  • God my lo must be a heffa! hes 5 weeks and weighs 10lb 9!
  • My littlun was weighed at 36 weeks and was 15lb 1oz!! He has some food allergy issues hence why he's tiny - mind you, he was 1 week late and only weighed 7lb at birth!!
  • Lilia was last weighed at 17 weeks and she was just over 18 pounds. There is just no filling her!! She has her solids and still wants breast milk after!
  • William was weighed last week. 20 weeks and 4 days and 18lb 8oz. Just started on Solids - he's the same as your little one Wells15. He can't get enough and screams for more !!!

    Mess - what mess !!???"""

    Sab x
  • Maddie was 16 weeks yesterday and weighed 13lb 3.5oz.
    Putting it on fast!
  • oh my poor wee Abby is a wee bloater she was 10lb 51/2oz at birth and had her weighed today and she is 14lb and 5 oz!!! and she is only 9 weeks
    fea x
  • Lexie had 6wk check today and she is 10lb 2 &1/2oz.
  • theo was weighed yesterday at 14weeks 4days and weighs 13lbs
  • i must have a fat baby - he's only 8 weeks and is 13lb lol!!
  • Ellis was weighed last week when he was 18 weeks and he was 18lb 10oz!
  • Had Shayla weighed at 16 weeks and she was 14lb 12

    Tommorrow she will be 18 weeks and has started having a couple of spoonfuls of solids at lunch times so we will see how much she has put on tommorrow what i have her weighed

  • at 7 weeks emily was 11lb 5oz x
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