Tommee Tippee Electric Streliser fault

Hi - just some info - Josh is not even 5 weeks old and last night the light on the steriliser stopeed working, but the unit itself seems to make the same noise as usual so it would seem to be working - I lost the receipt as I bought it in an asda baby event when I was about 5 months pregnant. I 'googled' the fault and found it is a common problem with the unit, so I rang TT customer services and explained to the lady there - she gave me a freepost address to send the unit back to and explained that if I went out and bought a new one today and write a note/letter to send back with the unit - they will refund me the cost of the replacement!

so hurrah for a good customer service - I'm now off to find a new one.

Just thought I would share as from what I read earlierr, it seems a really common problem and they are not a cheap product when you are on mat leave!



  • Oh wish I'd known, just carried on using ours without the light lol! That was until I turned it on without water in it, didn't realise and burnt the whole thing out last week!
  • glad they were helpful they have refunded a lot, luckily we got the old version which seems to be fine
  • This happened to us when LO one was about 3 weeks (he's now 6 weeks 3 days). We had bought it at Argos and they just gave us another one. Seems it is a common fault. This one seem to be fine- so far!!
  • I've got one but yet to use it. Thanks for the tip - I'll see if it breaks x
  • I have an older version but also had a problem. I emailed customer services and sent it to them and they replaced it free of charge. Their customer service seems quite good
  • ive had issues with the electric breast pump from tt but they are always very helpful on the phone.
  • Ohh, me too Calleigh. However, I did eventually give up with mine and take it back. I swapped it for a Medela Swing, which was amazing. TT were great though and offered 3 replacements before I took it back!
  • The light on ours stopped working last week, but I've carried on using it.
    Justt turned it on now and the light is working again. Might email their customer services. Thanks for this xx
  • We have the same problem with ours! Also read on here the other day that sometimes it can not get really hot, so keep an eye out for this too!
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