Nosey post. lol

HIya Mummies and babies!

Was just wondering where you met your oh?

I met mine in a travel and tourism lesson at college. I wasn't actually going to go to college but my mate asked me to go up with her so she could enrol onto a course and i saw the travel and tourism and always loved things to do with travel so got myself onto that course. Anyway.. I'd seen oh a few times walking past me on the corridors but one day he sent another one of my friends to come and get me so he could ask me out and that was back in 2000! Here we are now 8 and an half years and 2 babies later! lol

Lisa xxx


  • My OH was a good friends ex!! They were together 2 weeks and she hates me now. Can't think why image At the time I wasn't ready and didn't want a relationship....................but meeting him was the best thing ever, and life has turned out better than I could imagine. I'm so happy image

  • It was outside a club. It was my friend's 18th and he was her cousin. I thought he was way too old for me (he was 20 at the time but looked 30!) I was the only one who was 17 and I didn't get in, I was SO embarrassed. One of the other blokes (NOT my OH - someone else!) came after me and we just spent the night in a bar and ended up on a bench together doing *errrrm blank blank**. 2 weeks later I finally got the man I really wanted - the other bloke was jealous though and I felt awful as he was really sweet but just not in 'that way' - I was a bit of a slag back then!!!!!

  • i met mine when i was working in the local pub in the village. i had just graduated from university and was saving to go backpacking to australia. the first time i saw ian i went red and thought god he's fit! i was seeing someone else at the time so didnt pursue anything with ian. the day before i was due to fly to Oz he asked for my no- i said oh i;m really sorry i'm off to austrailia tomorrow for 6 months so there's no point! anyway i came back after 7 months and the same night i bumped into ian in the pub, he said'oh my god your back' i was like yeah got back today, he gave me his no and said call me, we started texting and eventually got together for a drink (i had unfinished business with the guy i was seeing before i left) the first date i had with ian was amazing and since that day we've been together. i moved into his house after about 2 months, we bought our first house together after 8 months and he proposed to me 4 months later! we've been together for 4 years-married for a year and half and now have Evie-
    ahhhhhhhhhh! xxxx
  • aww i love these kind of stories! although it makes me wonder if i'm pregnant again because the soppiest thing can get me going. lol.

    By the way. still never come on last month and not this month yet either! image done 2 tests and both were BFN so lord only knows whats going on there. lol.

    I do love these strories though, keep em coming. lol

    Lisa xxx

  • I met mine working in a nursing home. I was working in the kitchens during my college days aged 16-18 and he was the school holiday chef and local fireman who used to come and turn off our fire alarms when we "acidentally" burnt the toast lol. It was originally his back side, his view on life and obvisioually his uniforms that attracted me to him. But he was married and 16 years my senior so it was just a school girl crush. 2 years down the line I was still working in the home but as a carer when he came to a burnt toast incident when I found out his marriage was over. He told me that he still carried the same mobile I just had to text it. 4 years down the line, an engagement and 1.5 children down the line he still looks good in fire kit lol.

    Kerry, Freya and Pink Bump 34+0
    X X X
  • haha i wonder how many times you meant to burn that toast?

    Saying that, for a fireman i'd set some toast on fire! phwoar!! can't beat that uniform! lol

    Lisa xxx

  • I met my husband when we both worked together in PC World. He was a technician and I was working full time whilst doing my degree. We became really good friends then we knew there was more in it. He was in a 9 year relationship and I was in a 7 year 1. We both split up with our partners and got together. 7 years later we are married for 2 1/2 years and have a child, our own house and are still mad about one another. I would change it for the world.

  • My OH is my best friends ex! image I met my OH on a night out with my BF- she introduced us- i was such a bitch to him (for no reason though- apart from my friends exs are all prats)

    Well anyway we said hello and that was that, until i was mega drunk about 3 hours later.... and saw this hot guy (BF EX) and nearly threw myslef at him..... he ran away!!! turns out he was very shy, and didn't realise i was chatting him up till he got home.

    The next day i told my friend that i liked him, but wouldnt go there as there are rules about ex etc... but she was like but he likes you too! So she set us up the week after!

    Turns out he thought i was a lesbian when we first met (i had hair like pink- short mohawk thingy) But here we are 4 years later, engaged with our much wanted baby boy, and i still have the greatest best friend in the world- i tell her often if it wasn't for her i wouldn't be this happy

  • hi

    lovely stories... you ever think of going back to Uni???

    I met OH through my BF. She was going out with his mate and introduced us one drunken Sat night in a nightclub. We snogged and smooched but left it at that. This went on for a few Saturdays until he asked me out one Tues night. My BF wa gutted as her man had not arranged anything outside of the drunked nightclub. We called it the Quater to 2...I love U syndrome (club closed at 2 so people wanted someone to do last dance with)
    Andrew and I just kept seeing each other more and more but his mate and mine did not last.
    This was back in 1986! We still together now with 5 kids and though we dont always like each other we always love each other.

    Someone asked the secret to a good marriage.....I said get a man who does as he is told!!!!!!!!!!!! lol :lol::lol:

    d xxx
  • Awwwwwwww bless they are some lovely stories.

    I met mine back at school when i was 13 he lived in the same village as me and i fell instantly inlove and i knew thats who i wanted to be with.

    I got the courage to ask him out and he said yes we had a lovely night and a nice kiss then he finished with me the next day as he had been asked out by someone else previous to that (what a git) lol
    I still liked him though and 2 yrs later he came to my parents petrol station for petrol and i was spying on him and he seen me and winked then later that night he rang me and asked me out i said i already have a boyfriend which i did but he said but i want you and he came straight up and we just clicked so i cheated on my boyfriend for about a week then we went out with each other for about a yr then split up just to young i guess.

    He moved away for 2 yrs and i knew i still liked him kept seeing his sister who said he was asking after me, then he came back and the first person he bumped into was my sister and he said he had come back for me as he loved me and couldnt live without me and she came to my work and i took a break and meet up with him and we've together ever since 10 yrs later married for 3 have a house a dog and 3 kids and i love him as much today as i did when i was 13.
    vikki xx
  • Awwwww this is such a lovely thread!!
    I'm gonna give u mine even tho i don't quite belong here for another 10 weeks!
    I met my OH when i was 6 and he was 7. Our Dads ran the local under 7's football team together. Obviously back in those days i hated him!! He was a boy after all lol. As we all got older we all used to hang around together, round each others houses etc, and i remember practising my flirting techniques on him, sitting on his lap, holding hands etc, never snogging or anything though - yuck!!
    Then when we were 18 we bumped in to each other in a nightclub (well actually i'd drunk my own body weight in vodka and just saw a face i recognised and fell on him) and we had a dance and a snog. The next day i was mortified, ew i thought, i've known him most of my life, its like snogging my brother!! But i couldnt stop thinking about him, and a few weeks later my brother set us up. We were engaged within 3 months and expecting our first baby within 6 months. 7 years later we're still going strong and expecting baby no. 3!! Our parents found it hilarious as they are still good friends, in fact the football team set up back then are still all playing together and they're all nearing 30, many with wives and kids now! Its lovely, we are all really good friends and i hope all of our children will be too. But if someone had told me at the age of 6 that I was going to marry Lee and have his babies i think i'd have been sick!!! image
  • Katie - I went to Lincoln Uni! Many a bar crawl down the hill was had image x
  • I met my hubby when i went out for my birthday (17th), he's actually a cousin of a friend from school. We'd actually met before at my friends (his cousins) 13th birthday party but with him being a lot older he was with the adults getting drunk, and we didnt notice each other at that age. On sunday we will of been together 5yrs had some good times had some bad but thats all part of it lol. xxxx
  • Ohh fab post!

    Well... I fancied Kev like mad @ school and we went to pictures etc a few times, but he dumped me!! ( we were 14!! lol).
    A few years later i was at college doing hairdressing and he was doing joinery and he started stalking me LOL!! He phoned and text me all the time and harrassed me to go out with him, i never stopped fancying him( i knew since school id marry him one day!!) but i played hard to get since he dumped me hehe. I eventually agreed ( we were 16) and that was 8 years ago!!!
    We got engaged at 20, bought house at 21, married at 23 and had Jaimi-Lee 5 weeks ago on my 24th bday! image
    Its all good !!! image

    Sharon x

  • We met in a bar in 1999, i was 17 and he was 20 both had partners who were with us at the time but we looked at each other and that was it, we swapped no's finished with our other halfs the next day (felt bad we had been together 3 years and he or i for that matter didnt see it coming)

    got married in 05 twins in 07 baby in 08 and ttc and celebrating 10 years together

    lovely post

  • i met Sean on the internet! we had gone to the same college but different years and had never met each other, Sean had searched on Myspace for people who had gone to the college and he just liked my pic so decided to add me as a friend! the weird thing is that he works in a pet shop and me and my friend had been to that pet shop on the day he added me on Myspace...spooooookyyyy!! anyway, 2 and a half years later we're very very happy image x
  • My friend started work at the same workplace as my oh. Her now hubby worked there and is friends with my oh. Anyway my mum had recently died (I was 18 at the time) and my friend wanted to cheer me up as I was starting to get depressed. She tried to set me up with another of her oh's mates who was quite keen on me but it never worked out. Then she tried to set me up with my now oh. He never seemed interested and I wasn't in the right frame of mind back then.
    Well over the next couple of years or so I kept bumping into him and would say hello etc. I then asked my friend how he was one day, so she told him I asked about him and gave him my phone no!! He then rang and asked me out for a drink and it went from there really. So I think it was fate that we didn't get it on so to speak, when we 1st met!!
    We got married in 2004 and still very happy after being together since 1997.
  • We met on a night out and were introduced by a mutual friend. We got very drunk and went clubbing till 5am. I only vaguely remember bits of that night but came to at 5am kissing a man on the dancefloor !! My now hubby.
    Turns out we have loads of friends in common and have been to lots of the same parties but never met or spoke (he used to have long hair and I don't think I would have been interested in him !)
    We lived 130miles apart as I had moved from my old home town so we were long distance for 2yrs before he came down to see me one weekend and never left. S x
  • Suz my dh was the same he had his hair cut 2 weeks b4 we met if he hadnt i wldnt have given him the time of day lol
  • aww lovely jubly stories!!!!

    I met mike thru his sister we were really good mates (well still are) and they lived together so we were round hers for a few drinks in the garden and he was there and i thought he was so hot playing his guitar bt didnt think he would notice me coz i am 6 years younger, but a few months later he was out with his mates and we went to meet them and we hit it off from there started kissing at the club and i went back to his lol were we erm snuggled cough, we are so compatible and a perfect match it was wierd as neither of us was looking for a relationship and both had f*** buddies at the time (sounds slaggy i know) but we jus clicked and only 1 year and 5 months later we have never had an argument have a beautiful son and have been engaged for 5 months i have never been happier! He is a loving fiance and a fantastic dad!!!
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