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Hello All,

Im new to this mum thing and being a natural worrier im having to turn to this site for advice etc... Jessica is 17wks old altho she was 6wks premature. My mum gives me advice etc on what she did with me etc but times have changed so much i want to talk to people who are in my situation now. Jessica feeds 5 times a day @ 6ozs per feed. Today ive give her about 10ml of cow and gate summer fruits juice, is this ok? As ive just looked on the net and most sites are really against it, ive given it just as a little something extra in the afternoon as milk must get soooo boring, and she doesnt really like water. Has anyone got any advice on this? Also my parents are desperate for me to start her on baby rice, again is this ok, what is the norm? My health visitor isnt very supportive. Thank you in advance to anyone who replies/can help. Im very new to this so hope what ive wrote makes sense and is ok. Thanks xx:\)


  • Hi Jessica, Don't worry about not knowing anything, most of us were exactly the same to start with, it's a shame babies don't come with instructions! Giving your lo juice won't have done her any harm (I don't think), the reason most people recomend holding back on this is so that the baby doesn't develop a sweet tooth before she has got used to savory flavours. Personally I think she sounds a little young to need any solids yet, official advice is to wait until 28 weeks, although lots of people (including me) start before this. Jessica will let you know when she is ready, she will start being hungry soon after a feed and, if she is like my lo, trying to take food of you when you are eating. I would try and ignore your parents (not always easy I know) and do what you think is best for you and Jessica, hope this helps, Kerry xx

    P.S. welcome to the site!
  • Thanks for the replies, i think im going to hold back on the juice and the rice, ive not felt comfortable about it but feel bit pressured by parents as they mention it every time we go round there. I think ur both right that she will let me know when she wants more, she is still only on 6ozs, so if anything i could increase her intake before moving onto solids to 7 or 8ozs etc. I worry all the time about her development as she was 6wks prem, she is smiling and baby talking, but not rolling over as yet. She sleeps through from about 7.30ish to 7ish so brilliant in that dept, she has her grumpy hr or so in the afternoon, nothing u do for her is enough but its only when we r in the house. Hard work this being a mum isnt it! xx
  • i know how you feel about pressure, my wee man is 16 weeks and everytime oh mum sees us its 'are you not spoon feeding him yet......when mine were his age blah blah blah' well hes not 1 of yours and hes not ready yet. arrrghhhhh they drive you nuts, thats my rant over. like everyone says bubs will let you know when shes practically chewing your hand off for whatever it is your eating lol.
  • It sounds like she is doing just great! Hungry babies don't sleep that well at night and although some babies roll over at that age alot don't. Millie is 8 months now, she can sit up by herself and roll from her back to her front but she can't roll from her front to her back. Babies all grow at different rates and if you spend too much time comparing you just go nuts! Know what you mean about it being hard work. I'm a stay at home mum but sometimes I wish I could go back to work for a rest :lol:
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