Where did your waters break?

Thought it would be fun to find out where all our waters broke.
Mine broke in hospital on the bed.... there was a loud pop noise then a gush, it scared the sh*t out of me!!! I screamed then cried xxxxxxxxxx then got peed off that I had to get up while midwife put dry sheets things on!


  • i'd just got back into bed at about 2am. We had a new puppy that had been ill so i got up to clean up after her, got back into bed, heard a huge pop and almost screamed!!! Was so funny, had to go to hospital in a mini cab and as there was so much water, i had to sit on a puppy training mat in the car, my dignity went from that moment on!!!!
  • Mine broke whilst laying on the sofa with my husband, I had a contraction then felt a pop and gush my watersnt, luckily it missed the sofa, as I got straight up, good job we have laminate flooring.

  • My first my hind waters broke in bed and I cant remember for the life of me when my forewaters went

    My second my hind waters broke coming out from my local shop then I practically ran home sat on the toilet and my forewaters popped and gushing out

    My 3rd my hind waters went again at home then MW broke the forewaters in hosp

  • I was in the birth pool at home, to be honest I hardly notcied because I was so focused on dealing with the contractions. I mentioned it to the mw but I don't think she believed me until later on when she examined me!
  • Mine went the night before I was due to be induced in bed. Was really tired and could have done with the sleep, lol. They then just kept pouring when I moved, and when we went to the hospital so the could check if it was my waters the fact my socks and their floor was suddenly flooded convinced them! My friends went in tescos and she got all her shopping free. xxx
  • mine broke on my bathroom floor, just after i had sex and went to brush my teeth! i was soo scared i started shaking and shoting lee, saying ow no im not ready lol he then dideny come till 3 days later!
  • My waters broke after having sex with hubby!

    Dint realise I could carry on tricking so I gt through 3 pairs of pjs and therefore had none to take into hosp with me!

    When I went into hosp, the mw didnt believe me my waters had broken, and asked me if I had brought a wet pad with me!! Cos my lo was 4weeks early I had to wait for dr to look who confirmed I was right! I think the mw thought i was making it up as she also told me the contractions I was feeling was nothing! She then got a shock as lo was born 4hrs later!
  • Mine were broken for me in the hospital - I screamed at the midwife that no way was she putting a metal hook thing up me (was in a lot of pain!) but she ignored me, took me up to delivery suite and they did it anyway - I was surprised that it didnt hurt at all.
    My lo was induced and can safely say that NOTHING happened naturally - I had pessaries, syntocin drip, waters broken - and 40 hours later, a c-section as they'd well & truly given up. Gabe slept through the whole thing as shown on the monitor! x
  • Mine broke in bed. I went to bed in the afternoon for a sleep and told my husband to wake me when he came in for work. He woke me at 6pm and I felt strange and was wet. I ran to the toilet and realised my waters had broke. I didn't even know they had broke and it didn't even wake me up. I went to the hospital and had no pains and my lo was born at 2.54am. She was 5 1/2 weeks early. I MOT my car on the morning I had her and also got my hair dyed. I was well prepared for her birth lol.
  • Mine never broke! Even after being induced twice and the dr trying to break them. It's partly why I ended up with a section!
  • I'd been to see a reflexologist as I was 6 days late, came home very chilled out and relaxed so had a snooze on the sofa - when I woke up I was soaked!! I wasn't believed either when we got to the hospital, they tried to tell me it was urine but everytime I moved I leaked :roll:
  • i am not sure as we did not now when they went we think they went in the bath at hospital the midwife did not even now i believed in a hour it was funny as i was 4cm then hour later i told them i wont to push but they though it was my water so they were going to brake waters two later faith head was there. i think i was shock
  • Well this is the best part of my labour story!

    Mine broke at the front of the school hall (i'm a teacher) in the middle of the Christmas Play rehersal - I was in the stable helping my 3 kings from my class! I had just been to the loo so I knew exactly what it was even though it was 6 weeks early!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cue many jokes about not needing a real birth in the stable!!!!!!!

    :lol: luckily no one else knew what was happening and I just siddled out of the hall!!!! :lol:
  • My hind waters went in bed about 11pm, I was 10 days late, this then went into contractions that were 3-4 mins apart, phoned the hospital were they didn't believe me, told me to take a bath, half hour later I was in the labour ward.
  • mine went in my kitchen. i had just had food and stood up to put my plate in the dishwasher when i felt like a bobble burst then i was wet. wasnt sure if it was my waters or if i was weeing myself as it was nearly 8 weeks early. i was expecting a gush but it was a trickle. ran to the bathroom and sat there it stopped, went to get up and it started again and carried on like that until dd was born less than 5 hours later
  • Mine went in hospital when i was first being examined by the midwife. She said it was a good job her hand was there otherwise she would have been covered! Nice!
  • My first was born in her caul and I tore the membrane open myself... the second broke as her shoulders came through and the poor midwife had bent down to look and I soaked the poor lady. The third was in the car driving to the airport.....lol. My dh had just flown in at midnight at the end of the day I was due. I drove 20 over the speed limit the whole way there because my contractions had started, and I was determined he wasn't going to miss it. I was lost trying to find the right arrivals gate and pulled over to have to take a breath as I was so frustrated, then as if to up the anti I heard a pop and really started to worry. We made it to the hospital though with 20 minutes to spare image
  • mine were broken in hospital, Connor was crowning and waters were still around him lol
  • Mine were broken in hospital and although i remember it i didnt feel it as i had an epidural xxx
  • in the Thistle hotel in Newcastle, i was there for the night with my mum and we were getting ready to go out for a meal for her birthday.

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