Diary products for under 6months?

Hi Girls,

I am a bit confused as I went to a weaning workshop and she said from 17 weeks onwards yoghurts are fine. Amber has petite filous sometimes as a treat and she loves them.

I have seen a few people on her advise against this until 6months yet it says 4months on the pots too? Always so much conflicting advice from hv,weaning ladies and other mummies lol!! Did you/Do you give it to your little ones? Milk is a diary product so why not any other??


Amy n Amber (18 weeks)


  • hey,

    i'm totally confused too - I did give Louise petit fleurs before she was 6 months. i've noticed other baby foods/jars containing meat and gluten that say from 4-6 months too.

    Sorry i've been no help, just wanted to say your not the only one!!
  • i used to give maya and justin the Damone baby Fromage Frais from 4 months.
    i have been keeping an eye out for them for when charlie is 4 months but cant find them
  • hi i'm not no help but i've seen them little yogurts out ere too and wondered if i can give them to wade.
    but wasn't sure that if he could have dairy yet his 5half months but i haven't really started weaning yet i gave him a little banana today which he liked. thought it might help his bowels at mo.
    but i'll keep my eye on ur thread to see what the other girls say.
    sorry no help
    gio x
  • I think it is very confusing when current health guidelines say you shouldn't start weaning until 6 months but products are marketed and labelled as being appropriate from 4 months. Personally I think if I have to start early because he's hungry then I would try and stick to plain rice/ porridge and perhaps a few veg but as there is asthma in our family I would try to avoid dairy until 6 months.
  • I gave Evan yogurts from 4 months as he doesnt take much milk and my HV advisd to get his calcium uptake, just see if there is any reaction over a couple of days if not then should be fine
  • Yep, all the jars contain meat and they're from 4 months, I dont get it! Same with the yogurts....My HV told me that the reason the jars with meat (ie lamb casserole, tuna pasta etc) are ok for 4 month olds is because they are just flavourings and not real meat but I've looked at all the labels and it's definitely meat, and most of them say 'no artificial flavourings' makes NO sense at all!!!! I didnt give Gabe yogurt before 6 months, he didn't seem to like them, but does now at 8 months. I think it should be fine but steer clear of whole cows milk in her food until 6 months x
  • Thanks for replies, its so strange isnt it - tigerlilly - they do have meat in as well I have looked?? So confusing!!

    Think she will be fine with them as she has had them a few times now - only a few spoons though lol xx
  • When I had my first 7 years ago the HV's pushed you into weaning at 16 weeks, by the time no 2 came along 2 years later it was death by stoning for anyone who dared wean before 6 months. I'm now 34 weeks pg with no 4 and will wean him when he needs to be weaned, but I have always given petits filous and other similar yoghurts from 4 months. Any adverse reaction will be easily noticed but with the small amounts baby is having it shouldn't do them any harm at all. But like Tigerlily says, no cows milk til 6 months and then only in cooking. x
  • Both of mine had the Danone fromage frais that JodieBuckley mentions from 4 months (as far as I know you can still get these in Asda and Tescos Jodie!) as they don't contain 'proper' milk. That said Evie was on normal fromage frais from about 5 months with no adverse effects. I figured that as I used dairy in cooking there was no reason she couldn't have normal ones!

  • Sorry girls I'm still confused, if we can't give cows milk until 6 months then how come yogs/fromage frais are ok? Aren't they made from milk?????
  • I've done th same as naz7, I give anything that says 4-6 months on it. I have ven given some of the jars with chicken in before he was 6 months, I can't sem what harm it can do.
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