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Hi everyone,

My dd dribbles like nothing on earth just now, I have tried teething beads etc which haven't made any difference. We are going through so many bibs in a day so i wanted to try bandana bibs. I've seen Skibz which are expensive but i was wondering if you had tried any alternatives that are just as good? I did try some from someone on facebook but they were too thin and had kind of flannalette backing instead of fleece.

So, do any of you have any recommendations?



  • I think there's a company called Dribz as well. But I got 7 for ??14.99 with one free, from ebay. They had some girly designs, as well as boys. Might be at least worth a look. The seller is stuffforlittlepeople. HTH. xx
  • Bliff on here makes them and they are gorgeous and alot better quality then some others available.

    If you message me I can send you her email address I dont think she would mind.
  • I also used stuff4littlepeople via Ebay. Good quality and cute designs, but my little girl is a serious milk dribbler and her vests still get soggy image
  • I've bought Dribble Ons from Amazon, still quite pricey (??5 each) but really very good x
  • I also use the ones from stuff4lityle people from eBay. I live them. I originally bought 5, but r going through a couple a day so went & ordered some more! My lo stays dry. Love all their designs too. My friend bought me a dribble on one & don't think their as good as it soaked through very quickly & didn't have enough poppers at the back so it ended up being too tight or very loose

    Jayne xx
  • Dribbz Bibs have a website, they're really good
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