need some advice ladies plz :(UPDATED

I just wouldnt if any of you had ever had a false positive preg test ever?? and is it possible?? thank you... btw it isnt for me x

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  • hi hun, havnt experienced it personally, but i know they can happen, however they r very uncommon. xxx
  • i would say you can get a flase negatuve but not sure a test can pick up something that is not there? i would say not very likely....although i could be wrong! xx
  • I thought it was possible to get a false negative, but not a false positive? Like Newlook said, the test cant detect a hormone if it isnt there.
    I've had a positive before and then a negative a day or too later, but that was because of a very early miscarriage x
  • Thank you i just need to get things clear in my head this is my daughter i have been talking about i am so shocked i didnt even knw she was active in that way, and to find out in the space of one hour that your 16 yr old daughter has had unprotected sex twice in 3 weeks is not good, and that the health service keep ti frm you that your child has been for the morning after pill, and then she goes and does it again.. im in shock dissapointed and scared for her x
  • my sil had a false negative, think its known as a phantom pregnancy as the hormone and symptoms are there, but nothing develops. xx
  • can we have those?? wow i didnt knw that
  • omg hun, i just saw ur last reply, u must be very shocked at the moment, hope things turn out ok for u all. xxx
  • Oh love. You poor thing xxxxxxxxxxxx

    Its my understanding that you can get negatives that are false - i.e. a preggy test can be negative but there is still a chance you are pregnant, but I didn't think you could get false positives. As someone else said, if there is the hormone there to make a line - it will do. I don't know a lot about phantom pregnancies but I know these exist too.

    Thinking of you xxxxxxxxx
  • false negatives are possible, but apparently it is impossible to get a false positive, a phantom pregnancy is something that occurs in the persons head, symptoms exist because the brain is telling the person they exist but hormones are a bit more complex and can't be produced spontaneously, counselling is usually given for a phantom.
  • Oh hun - I agree with the others - I have heard of false negative but not false positive. Thinking of you xx
  • image

    I thought the same false neg possible but not false pos x x x
  • its not impossible,i got a false positive about 5 months ago,i posted the picture on here and everything it was a definate positive,went to the doctors crapping myself and she did a test that came up negative....until then i thought it was impossible too xxx
  • I've also had a false positive. I took a test at the dr's that was negative so I came home and checked the test and it was definately positive. We weren't ttc at that point but I was off the pill as I was being an egg doner and you need so many pill free months so we were just using condoms. I had sore boobs which I had with my first pregnancy so I took the test. There was no sign of me having an early mc and I got my period a few weeks later.
  • well we did a clearblue 4 hours ago.... and there it was again very faint and line but it was there myself my daughter and her dad saw it .... omg what are we going to do....
  • oh hun, really dont know what to say, but dont rush into any decision, discuss the options through with ur daughter, and support her no matter what she decides, i know it must be hard for u and ur probably still in shock but at the end of the day its her decision, u can give her guidance, advice and support but it needs to be her choice, u dont want her doin something she might regret later on with her feeling that she was pushed to make a choice she didnt 100% agree with. how does ur daughter feel about the situation? xx
  • Didn't want to r+r, just wanted to say I'm sending you a hug, I really hope that everything works out whatever the outcome x x x
  • she is keeping it..... so she is coming to join all the lovely ladies on here i told her how much support i have had... the dad has said he wants nothing to do with the preg he is too young?? she feels very isolated x i really appreciate all your replies xx
  • Sending hugs too, you must all be very shocked.
    My young cousin got lots of positive tests and thought she was having a baby until she went for her scan and it was a molar pregnancy.
    This is very rare but apparently more common in younger girls (she is the same age as your daughter).

    I hope that everything works out for you all

  • What a shock to the system... I hope everything goes ok and as for the dad well... not worth it in my opinion. Too many men abandon young girls when they are the ones that helped make the baby it takes two! not all men though there r some good ones image

  • aww hon what a shock. Maybe the dad will come around once the shock has worn off?

    She is more than welcome on here image

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