Another one on sleeping!!!

So my LO is coming up to 5 months, ever since she was born she has always slept well during the night, in the early days waking every 2-3 hours then that decreased until we got to going to sleep at 9-10pm until 6-7am!!! until recently that is........she has now taken up waking approx twice in the night and not wanting any feed, sometimes if I give her the dummy she goes back to sleep but other times, like last night, she was quite happy to chat and play for about 1.5 hours! I keep the room dark and I don't talk back at her but she still refuses to go to sleep!!! Is this normal for her age or for babies to go completely out of their normal routine?? I am exhausted and have no idea what to do. We live in a 1 bed flat, looking to move soon, so I can't just put her in her own room so I have no choice but to deal with it.

HELP!!! x x


  • how much is she sleeping during the day? does she get upset if you dont pick her up when she is awake and chatting in the night?
    My LO is 6 months and has slept through since 3 months 7-7am, but about a month ago decided that it was good fun to wake up at 5am for a little chat, initially i went in and tried to settle him (patting and shhhing) but after a few days i decided to not go in and see what happened, the next day he didnt wake up and hasnt since so i think he just found his voice and was practicing!!!
  • she has definitely found her voice screaming and shouting then smiling when you approach or look at her!!!! she wakes up for about 1-2 then has half hour to 1 hour sleep, then over lunch she will have about 1-2 hours then she will have 2 more half hour sleeps until 9. she feeds ok during the day. I wish we did have a room where i could just let her be! she doesn't get too upset if I don't pick her up she just lies there coo'ing.

    x x
  • oooooo mia's mummy Tilly started at about 18 weeks and is now just over 20 so only 3 weeks to go then!!!! x
  • My lo has always been a good sleeper too and was going from 7-7 with a DF at 10pm since he was 8 weeks old he then decided to drop the dream feed adn was quite happily going from 7- 6:30 but like the others he now wakes between 4:30 and 5:30 in the morning and just chats away. He's in his own room and we have the monitor on but I have to turn it off because I can't sleep I just open the bedroom door a bit so I can hear him cry but he never does. He isn't waking for food as he will normally go back to sleep after 1/2 an hour or so but then I don't and I could really do without the early morning wake up call.
  • hahahaha at you mummypiglit, good for you to admitting to turning the monitor off!!! I would do the same, we do have a big bedroom but not big enough to have an east and west wing so can't escape the chat!

    Thank you for your replies girls....are you watching BB by the way????? x x x
  • its a normal thing for waking at this time as there is so much for the LO to process, i think we are just coming to the end of it as LO is starting to sleep better now x
  • man i hope it doesn't last much longer, my oh is away alot and this is tough on your own!!!!

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