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Ice lollies

I want to make Kade some ice lollies but was just wondering what is best to use? He is now nearly 9 months. I have some ice lolly moulds but not sure what to put in for a baby.


  • um....i havn't done this so im not sure but didn't want to read and run.... you could try using baby juice and freezing it? sorry im not much help image lol x
  • Does Kade just drink normal juice (squash) out a bottle? If it was me i would just made up the juice as you would normally and then just stick it into the moulds
  • i'd say same as ivana, evie loves pureed peach (i used tinned ones) and they go into a lovely runny consistency and would make a yummy lolly, also things like pineapple, berries, mango etc xx
  • Thanks girls.
    Sammy, tbh I usually just give him water or soya milk to drink really. Occasionally he has some of that c&g summer fruits juice but you dont get loads so doubt there would be enough to freeze in the lolly mould?
    I suppose we could get the heinz one in the bigger bottles.
    Does anyone know what the difference is between them and just using say a drop of robertsons sugar free juice?

    The pureed fruit idea sounds like a winner, I've got some mango, peaches etc in too.....hmm think I might go and experiment. Oh hang on, Lost is on in 10mins, maybe tomorrow then!
  • I have stopped using the baby juices as they are full of sugar. I use the Robinsons diluted juice. I have thought of making ice pops for Kara but not sure what to do but I think I will make them from the robinsons diluted juice.
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