Swearing in front of LO

How the ******* hell do you stop doing it??? :lol: Would be interested to hear your suggestions for alternatives,



  • It depends why you're swearing I guess! It's an interesting question. Hubby and I are in the process of deciding what we do about our music taste - it's not really child friendly lyrics-wise. As for swearing, we're both teachers so we have an on/off switch for that sort of thing. It's just habit, after all! My only alternative is a very, very deep breath usually! x
  • lol! I very very rarely swear, mainly because im a primary teacher and it petrifies me that if I was to use swearing in everyday language then I would accidently in the classroom so I just dont bother! I do say bugger, which is about as bad as I get. I often use 'sugar', 'oh my goodness' and 'blimey' but mostly, I do it under my breath. I have had this conversation (or should I say 'discussion'!) with hubby today as he is a chef and uses bad language regularly, so finds it hard not to in other situations and I hate it in front of the boys!
  • hmm this is a good one ...i am very bad for swearing and i dont know why cos i HATE hearing lo's saying bad words...just a bad bad habit ...i try to change the word if i remember half way through like if im going to say shit ill say shiiiiizzzennn or something :lol: ...wake up call really was my ds telling me "mummy ive warned you dont shout at daddy for parking wrong,fucking hell" :roll: *sigh* i try extra hard now but i still sometimes fail :roll: ..ill be watching this topic closely image x
  • i make OH put 20p in LO's money box every time he swears near her as he used to be really bad (and owed her about ??7 just from one night of playing mariokart with her in the room! lol) but since i imposed this he's realised how bad he was and has done a really good job with stopping....however last nights newcastle game undone some of that hard work! lol
  • You see that's what I'm dreading!!! LO breezily saying something dreadful. Just really swearing at something irritating or dropping something etc or sometimes a tinsy wincy bit of road rage..... Oh oops! I NEVER swear at work.
  • i swear at work, at home, and probably in front of lo without realising image it took a swear pot and a very empty purse for me to realise how f-ing back i was!! lol!!
  • lmao i seem to have an on of switch too - I would never ever swear in front of my parents but am a fish wife at times, same with work as I teach i cant swear but again the switch is off for swearing and this seems to have extended to my kiddies I do say frig which isn't that great image My OH is awful for swearing not so much in front of the kids as conversation doesn;t really have that tone in front of them if that makes sense but if a friend or especially some one from work rings him one f isn;t waiting on the other, thankfully he usually goes out of the room to talk more for peace form our noisy house as I dont even think he realises he curses that much on the phone lol
  • im a teacher too and dont swear. i think ive swore twice in class in my early career but it is just a case of getting into the habit of using a different word when you bang your head etc!
  • I try my hardest not to swear, although I am no saint!! I tend to say fluffin instead of much worse!
  • I used to be a teacher and still have the on/off switch! OH's language and that of his family is terrible but since LO came along we've started using the word 'Bobbins' for any swear word & it's improved OH's language no end!!
    LO now says 'Bobbins' if she bangs her head or something - which I suppose is similar to swearing but at least it's not a recognised swear word!!
  • I use ridiculous alternatives which sounds vaguely similar "oh, fillet steaks!" or "oh, fire truck!" or "shivers!". Will no doubt confuse LO about the meaning of those words but never mind.

    I remember reading a post on here a while ago about children at weddings (sorry can't remember who!) and there was a 3 or 4 year old shouting during the ceremony "Mummy, why did Daddy say it's sh*t?". Has really stuck with me!!

    C image
  • I'm not too bad generally, except in the car, when my language gets terrible! I'm going to have to have to express the rage in a different way LOL
  • My language is appalling. Now Haiden is a year I am really going to have to concentrate on stopping so she doesn't pick the words up. My sister gets annoyed with me to for swearing in front of my hephew, who is 4, but luckily so far he hasn't come out with anything x
  • Unfortunately they might pick up some swearwords despite your best intentions!

    OH and I used to swear loads, but stopped after having DD. About a month ago, OH was standing ironing and she went strutting past him. He said 'what's wrong with you?' and her answer... 'F***ing fed up!' She turns 3 next week, and we have literally no idea where she has heard that!
  • lmao shelley - i remember when ds was 3 my mum took him to nursery 1 day a week, she is not a swearer at all but some one cut her up and nearly caused her to crash on the way and she said for f**k sake, the funny thing was that for a good week or so afterwards at the spot coming up to the roundabout ds1 would simply say for f**k sake, he must have thought it was something you say on the way to nursery and he didn't use it at other times as he didn't really know where to 'place' the word, i just hid my giggles and ignored him and he eventually gave up as he must have noticed i didn't say it at that point on the road lol
  • Ha! That's brilliant, lol, your poor mum! (O/T, LO just saw your avatar and says it looks like her!)

    Glad your DS gave it up, luckiy DD hasn't repeated it - yet, anyway! It's so hard not to laugh isn't it? It's so wrong that it's so funny but you just can't help it lol. DS is at the gagaga stage so hopefully it's a long time before we get any swearing outa him!!
  • i'm a swearer but none of my kida ever have or ever will swear. whenever me or hubby swear i make a point of saying naughty mummy or daddy afterwards whilst they are young. my older 3 the youngest is only 2 3/4 automatically tell me off now. i think because they have been around swearing they don't find the words 'funny' xxx
  • I'm not too bad and try not to swear but it sometimes slips out if I hurt myself or drop a plate or something, but we're having to be so careful now as my nearly 3 year old dropped his toy the other week and said "oh s**t" I was mortified and just so pleased he hasn't repeated it in public.

  • G/C but hubby and i are swearers,although try not to be when around our son i found i had to be careful more of late (he was 3 in June) since he used the word 'fucking hell' in context about brushing his teeth..........then later on that day i was telling hubby under my breath in the kitchen what he had said....DS in the living room the starts shouting out his Vu Vu Zela (sp) 'fucking hell.....fucking hell....FUCKING HELL and got louder and louder!!!!!

    SO i then had to explain that it was a naughty word.....hes also said its only fucking 8!!!!.....totally my fault and i hold me hands up...he hasn't said anything for a few weeks now tho
  • I'm bad in the car, must stop and find a different word to vent my anger at other drivers!! lol.

    I'll always remember my niece when she was a toddler, she stubbed her toe on the fire place and said "b*ll*x" - my sister had to leave the room to burst out laughing it was sooo funny! lol - not the thing to encourage though haha!

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