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  • i agree... i have very few BE FB friends for this reason too...

    .... but why does this always happen in Baby forum? My "baby" is 2.5 so I don't come in this forum much anymore but for the last 2 years, every 6 months or so, the troll returns...
  • Good call aerosmith image

    I think it is the same person going by lots of different names - I recognise the "style". About 6 months ago there was a troll claiming to be a doctor who I'm sure was Norma and also someone called whatevermonster at around the same time.

    Talk about having too much time on your hands!! It's actually quite sad.
  • i agree to a degree but i have met quite a few people from BE and consider BIN as true friends who knw more about me and have been more supportive than any of my real life friends. They have also become real life friends to - so whilst we must be careful lets not forget the amazing things that also come out of BE x
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  • lesson learnt! i did have her on facebook and she seemed ok but then this kicked off.

  • Good point hun, I'm only friends in fb with girls in dim that I've 'known' for nearly a year now! Time flies!
  • Kayssis - that's just depressing! How can it be a year already?image xx
  • I've also made some great friends on here, one of whom I met last week, but this sort of thing scares me! I just can't understand why someone would do what she has done!
  • It's really sad, but I am always quite cautious about how much personal info I give - I met up with some people I "met" online many years ago, I was vulnerable at the time and I realised afterwards I put myself at risk - they were "ok" just a bit strange lol, but it was a wake up call nevertheless!

  • !

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  • ah, you've changed your name! but thanks. she seemed nice enough when we chatted on FB
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  • oh my please do tel me.. text me or inbox me on the good ole facey B!! image
  • so why exactly has she done this? Because nobody replies to her posts or somebody has been nasty to her?? I just dont get it??
  • sorry maybe i should have put this on one of her posts than this one warning people - and rightly so, but i just dont understand what would make a grown woman, a mother do something like that? xx
  • Can't believe people are responding to the posts! Sorry, but why can't those of you who have see that that's the worst possible thing to do? Even if - ESPECIALLY if - it's abusive. Just hit report and ignore it, that's the only way to make it go away!
  • A year! God that's scary! Pumpkin I hope you are who you say otherwise you know tooooo much indepth stuff about me for someone not sharing the experience lol!! Such a shame ppl have to ruin things for others because this is an amazing support network for 'real' mums xx
  • It looks like she's done the same thing on Cow and Gate and other sites too.
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  • Holy crap! What a psyco! Who the hell would do that? I actually can't get over how people can be such weirdos! That god all this came out before sleepybeckie met up with 'it'...can you just imagine?!

    Prob sone weird ass psyco killer old man preying on new mums xx
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