Soooo angry with myself!!! Somebody slap me please

I just smoked a cigarette!!!! I gave up ages and ages ago while we were TTC Bella and have not touched one, but after a very bad week i just snapped and lit up! I only had a few puffs then threw it, but i feel bloody awful.
I brushed my teeth and scrubbed my hands but i still feel like i reek of it, plus i've had to give Bella some milk from the freezer and throw what i expressed as i wasnt sure how much of the nasty stuff goes in to your milk.
What a moron!!!


  • Don't be angry!! It was only 1 - you don't deserve a slap for 1. I am sure a few puffs wouldn't have affected your milk hon. xxx
  • It was just a silly thing to do, i've had worse weeks and not had one, so i have no idea what posessed me today! Silly woman...i was doing so well!!
    Oh well nevermind, tomorrow is another day, and i've instructed OH to keep his pack well away from me, preferably locked in his work van in future xxx
  • I really wish i'd never started in the first place!!! Ah thanks for not shouting at me guys, although my oldest did, he saw me come in from the back of the garden and happily informed me that i stink as bad as daddy lol xxx
  • What's done is done. It's really hard I know. I stopped years ago but still smoke if I'm out drinking, which these days is about once every 6 months !!

    I don't beat myself up about it, I never wake up the next morning and want to smoke. Only when I drink and never around lo etc.

    Anyway, if you know you're not gonna do it again then good. You'll learn from your little slip up and move on. S x
  • don't beat yourself up over it honey, i'm the same as SuzMch - only when I have a drink and I make sure Shea is never around me.

    we all have our vices, and some we find harder than others to give up!!
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