Wisdom teeth... I'M DONE!!!

I'm going into hospital on Saturday to have all my wisdom teeth out under general anasthetic. :cry:

I've been suffering with them for almost 2 years now and only 2 of them have cut through. :cry:

So that's it, they all have to go (I decided to let them cut the 2 that are still completely below the gum out so I don't have to go back a 2nd time).

I'm going to look like a hamster who's been in (and lost) a fight! image

Anyone got any grizzly wisdom teeth stories to really cheer me up? :lol:

Wish me luck...xxx


I'm done and home again! image

I look like a hamster and I'm in quite a bit of discomfort but my gorgeous hubby is looking after me.

Think I'll go for a snooze soon...xxx

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  • good luck hun you will be okay, wisdom teeth are not fun at all.

    Since you asked I will share my grizzly wisdon teeth story but please stop reading here if you were just joking, because I'm not trying to worry you, once I went to hospital it was like a going to five star hotel so I am sure you will have a smooth and as comfortable as possible experience as you can.

    I had mine removed two years ago by an nhs dentist who was some sort of horror movie dude. I'd never been to a dentist before seeing him for the consultation appointment. He insisted I should be awake for the procedure, and told me that unless I paid privately for freezing the nhs didn't cover it and I'd have to do it with out. So I paid 1600 pounds to simply be numbed, which was not really effective, and after 8 hours of him chopping away at my face and removing more jaw bone than I'm sure was necessary, he told me his surgery was closing for the day and he did not have time to complete my last two teeth. I requested pain killers, and he told me just down the road was a boots go buy some paracetamol. And he left, I thought he'd come back, but nope I wandered out of the room and the receptionist let me out the locked doors. I was in so much pain I end up having black out periods and my dh rushed me to hospital in the middle of the night because he couldn't wake me up and I had soaked through my pillow and on to the mattress with blood. Once I was in hospital they gave me a blood transfusion and pain meds and I felt a million times better. Unfortunately I still have two wisdom teeth that need to go, but I'm terrified of going back to a dentist. But I must convey how great the hospital staff were to me they were so incredibly kind and couldn't do enough to help me. I really wish I'd had the option of going to hospital because my sister had her's done in hospital and she was back to normal in sort of 24 hours, but this dentist insisted it wasn't done that way anymore so I just believed him. I did file a complaint but he lost his practicing license about four months after he treated me due to another patient.

    Anyhow since you are going into hospital I would reassure you it will be as simple and pain free as possible, you are in the best of hands. It really is the best safest place for you. In three days time life will be nearly back to normal.

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  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! image image image

    You poor thing! I don't understand how these butchers got to practise; we had one where I live who butchered numerous peoples mouths but he was struck off as well. :x

    I have been operated on in the same hospital before and I had no problems with the care at all (although that wasn't a dental problem!).

    The dentist who will be doing my operation seems really nice, he suggested I have it done under general rather than local (I'm sure that's so they can stand on your chest without your knowing :lol: )

    My jaw is too small for my teeth as it is, so my wisdom teeth are trying to push into the teeth that are already there. Fingers crossed everything goes well (I'm sure it will) and I'll make a good recovery like your sister. I hope you get your teeth sorted out but I can understand your fear...

    Take care...xxx

  • Ok Hedgie that is a frightening story you poor thing. No wonder he had his practicing license taken away. I always find it odd when I hear stories like this as you wonder (like Docotors) HOW can these people be qualified and allowed to practice-where are the people who should check to ensure he is good enough, reliable and responsible? Do they have an OfSTED thing like schools?
    Anyway just wanted to say twonklemum good luck for Saturday. I have had problems with my wisdom teeth since I started Uni ( 10+years ago) and my now dentist keeps saying they're fine and no they don't need to come out. But I can feel and see them sticking out of my jaw and I go through periods of real agony.
    Just think after the whole hamster period how much better it will be. Take care and hope someone will be looking after you when you get back. I'd just do it to lose weight!! xx
  • Thanks Mum to 1,

    I'm looking forward to being slimmer (think I'll be sharing Leias pureed food!). Sad isn't it when we look forward to surgery / stomach bugs to get us to lose weight!!! :lol:

    10 years !!! image That's awful, don't you just love it when someone else tells you you're fine when you sometimes feel like you're going to pull your own head off! :lol:


  • Twonklemum, i had my wisdom teethout a couple of years ago under general. Just like you i had two that had cut through and the other two hadn't but they were still giving me hell! I remember sitting in tears on xmas day because i was in too much pain to eat my xmas dinner!

    Anyway, i was admitted in the morning, my mum drove me and stayed because i'd be going under and wouldnt be able to get home otherwise! Anyway, they took me to theatre, and put me under (i tried to fight it for as long as possible to see what it felt like when i went under, it was very weird but not unpleasant!) and my mum went for a ciggy then to the cafeteria for a cuppa. By the time she got to the cafeteria my surgeon was sat eating his lunch. My mum panicked and thought something had gone wrong, but the surgeon just said 'oh no, she's all done and in recovery' and it was that quick!

    Afterwards i came round and wasn't in any pain (hooray for morphine!), i has a couple of stiches in each hole in my mouth, but no blood and it wasn't uncomfortable. I had to stay until i ate something, so they brought me a sandwich which was cottage cheese (bleough!!!) so my mum hid it in her handbag, and a yogurt that i fell asleep eating (the anaesthetic really knocked me out!). I left for home about 3 hours after i'd had the op done.

    They gave me some quite strong painkillers for the next few days, and i had to do a salty mouthwash every few hours. I had no problems, minimal pain, and my mouth healed up nicely.

    Hope this helps reassure you a bit xx
  • Thanks JamDonut,

    I'm sure my experience will be like yours (all my fingers are crossed - very difficult to type :lol: )...xxx
  • I had all my wisdom teeth out in hospital about 10 years ago. Only the bottom 2 were impacted but they decided that they would do them all for some reason.

    Don't worry it should go all ok. I had to be in hospital for 7am (no food as g.a.) so by the time I went into theatre at 2pm I felt like collapsing!!
    Wasn't in too much pain straight after. I couldn't leave hospital at 7pm unitl the nurse had sat and watched me eat a mush bowl of Weetabix which was quite hard to do as by then i was starting to feel the pain. I did get a bit of bruising but not too much to look like I'd been walloped! I didn't swell up too much either. But yes the pain did get a bit intense during the next few days, and they had given me co-codomol painkillers. I also lost over half a stone in a week as I couldn't eat properly (only Weetabix and soup). After about 3 weeks or so I could eat much better and put the bloody weight back on!
    hth x
  • Thanks ccbmommy,

    I've got to be there for 8am. I already feel hungry at the thought of not eating :lol:

    I've got a box of co-codamol in the cupboard; might have to get some weetabix though!

  • Rice pudding as well is good!
  • Hope it goes ok, i have to have my bottom two removed at the hospittal soon. One is growing sideways and its irrating the tooth next to it
  • Good luck and hope its not too painful for you.

    Hedgie - what a butcher. When I finally find a new NHS dentist bet it will be him practicing under a different name LOL.

    I was told about 8 years ago that my wisdom teeth are all impacted and would need treatment in hospital for them in the future, but luckily they havent started playing up yet. Hope they dont decide to play up now LOL.
  • Thanks Pixie80 and trueman,

    I was reading an article, the other day, about the top 20 most useless bodily parts... guess what came in at no 1...! :roll:
  • Oooo good luck hun!

    Very glad to read you are having it done at the hospital.. I hope its the top 2?

    I have a story a very true one and I will tell you a week after you extraction if you like.

    Be thinking of you.
  • Hi Suziewoo,

    Thanks I'll look forward to your story!

    I'm having all 4 removed. The left side top & bottom have both cut through BUT the right side top & bottom are still under the skin...

  • Hi Lara,

    I now have an image of a hamster wearing her wedding dress in my mind!!!

    I can't get in at mine to clean them properly either... they have to go...

  • I had my bottom two removed during an operation on my jaw two years ago. I really wish i had asked them to take out the top two whilst i was under. They are driving me mad!!! In nearly 6 years only half of one has broken through.

    I cant tell you what the pain of the wisdom tooth removal was like. I was in theatre for 4 hours having an operation that involved breaking my jaw, filing my jaw bone, reseting my jaw with titanium and stitching me up. All of this was done by cutting through my mouth so i would have no facial scars. I also refused morphine so i could go back to the ward quicker!!! After all that i barely noticed the wisdom teeth had gone lol

    That mouthwash is disgusting that they give you!! You will probably have to avoid vey hot or very cold food and drinks for a couple of days.
  • Ouch MKT86!!!

    If it's the corsodyl mouthwash, I've already got it! And it truely is disgusting!!!


  • Yes thats it!! it makes me cringe thinking about it. I wasnt allowed to brush my teeth for a few days because of the stitches which was just disgusting so i had to use the mouthwash 4 times a day. I havent used it since lol
  • HHHmmm,

    I was given it by my dentist because my wisdom tooth that has bothered to make an appearance was rubbing against the inside of my cheek and making it sore. :evil:

    I started using it again at the begining of this week to try to make my mouth a 'healthier place' in the hope that it will help my mouth to heal better after the extractions... :\?
  • How are you feeling? I know it is not a week yet.. *holds her story back lol
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