What did you want...

...to be when you were little?
Was watching 'Project Runway' and it made me think about how much, at one point when I was younger (a VERY long time ago) I really wanted to be a fashion designer! Did A-Level and GCSE Art and Design and did all sorts of clothes designing but never kept up with it-probaly too lazy!
Before that I wanted to be an Oscar winning actress. I NEVER wanted to be a Mummy and now I just wish I could be one full time, the best job in the world imo!
So what about you what did you really want to be when you were little?


  • Haha, I just wanted to be a mummy. So I became one aged 19! I'm so boring and have zero ambition for a career!!
  • I so wanted to be an actress!
    I couldn't have kept up with it though, now i'd be happy with a job that made me a comfortable sum of money and that I enjoyed! xo
  • I don't think I'm confident or competivie enough to have been an actress-let alone talented enough!
    I wish I'd become a Mummy much earlier then I would have a full brood/rugby team by now!! x
  • since i can rember i wanted to be a mum, didnt concentrate had school, skipped half of it... now i am a mummy, i do sometimes wish i did do well at school so my baby could want for nothing as were only just scrapping by.i wouldnt change having him for the world though,money not eveything xxx
  • A teacher and a mummy - and I'm both! I am sooooo lucky and grateful.
  • Since the age of three all i ever wanted to be was a mummy and a wife.
    im now 26 have a great hubby and three great kids
  • Thats lovely PT and JodieB. I just wish I'd got on with having babies much earlier. My only regret! So no one wanted to be a fire fighter? Or a lion tamer? Or in a chat topping band? Just me then!!!!x
  • I wanted to be a fashion illustraor or make up artist! Did art and design at college and then moved to London on my own at the tender age of 18 to make my fame and fortune.......spent lots of money, bought lots of clothes and came back broke 2 years later :lol:

    I could kick myself for expecting everything just to land in my lap but I did have a great time, made some great friends and I always think if I had stayed I wouldn't have my husband and Neve so I consider myself a very happy, very lucky lady!

    I plan on going back to study in a couple of years - just don't know what to study!
  • doushka that sounds great what a good idea!
    Lottie+Neve+Oct baby I think everything happens for a reason doesn't it? London at 18 with loads of clothes sounds fab though!! x
  • i wanted to be a primary school teacher- but i was told i wasn't clever enough ( i had a very charming careers advisor!!)
  • I wanted to be a Marine Biologist when I was younger - just as well I changed my mind as I can't step foot on a boot without being horribly sick!!
  • My twin sister wanted to be a marine biologist - when we were teenagers she had two huge smelly aquariums, a horse and loads of copies of practical fishkeeping scattered around the place while I liked make up, fashion and any kind of art.

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  • i wanted to be a nursery nurse ....and i am ..well im fully qualified as one but havnt worked with children for 2 years now ,i always wanted to be a mummy of 2 by the time i was 25 and i am ....so now my ambitions are fulfilled .....and now i want to be a midwife although not sure if ill fill this ambition as training is quite difficult xxxxxxx
  • i wanted to be a teacher. and i am. but being a mom is great!!!!
  • I wanted to be a policewoman image

  • I wanted to be a journalist but i ended up being an acountant
  • I wanted to be an astronaut! Lol. Then a vet. xxx
  • I wanted to be a forensic psychologist, decided to take a year out to get some life experience before studying and im afraid i never went back
  • I wanted to be a vet I suppose haveing my on little ones was close lol
  • i wanted to be a vet, but at secondary school decided i didn't want to work that hard (what an idiot...vets earn lots...well, they charge lots at least)!
    Have never been overly career minded & am v v happy being a wife & mother. Would love to have my own business within the next 5 years though...haven't completely decided doing what exactly yet!
    Sarah x
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