Did you change?


May have mentioned this before but before I had Kady I was SO not maternal in any way! In fact my whole outlook on kids were 'I'd rather not' and I was very career minded.
Even though friends had children, when I went round, I saw them more as a pain in the rear for stopping me chat with my friend than cute lol. Also any chat to do with kids bored me senseless!!
Anyway, as soon as I gave birth to my baby boy EVERYTHING CHANGED!!!!!
All of a sudden this little bundle was my world! Suddenly for once in my life I couldn't care less if I looked like shite first thing in the morning and it wasn't important if I stank of baby sick and missed a shower for 3 days! I didn't care that I'd had no sleep and my nipples had blisters because I was struggling to bf.
I was pushed to my absolute limits but none of it mattered as all I had to do was look at my baby (my & oh's) creation, and everything seemed insignificant!
I look at my baby now (who is now 16 months) and can't beleive just how much I love him! It is a totally unconditional love that overwhelms me!
To my baby - I love you to the ends of the earth, thank you for making me so happy!

Sorry.....I must be having an extra soppy day lol.

Did any of you change when you had your baby/s?



  • Not really, but it's a totally different situation as I was 19, was never career minded and always loved kids and wanted to be a stay at home mummy!
    I did used to go out a lot though, thought I missed it but I went out clubbing on new years eve and it was sh*te would rather have been home with my baby!
    So now I just go to the pub for a meal with friends and Gabe comes along, he's pretty good so I take him anywhere image
  • Oh and just to add I guess I have changed in other ways too...

    I always used to judge the way people parented their kids and say "I'll never do that" but I do!
    I always said "I'll never pick my lo up as soon as they cry" but I do and i don't care lol
  • Yeah! It was odd. I was ALWAYS the maternal type though. I used to always answer the "what do you want to be when you grow up" question with "a mummy" but being younger than i anticipated and now being in the situation of being at home with parents etc, has meant that now i'm soooo detirmined to have harry the best i can give him! I don't think i would be the same if i'd had him in a few years.

    I'm also more stroppy :P lol and a control freak image xxx
  • Like you I was never going to have children, when friends had children I wouldnt even hold them unless I had no choice.

    Then I had another voice intrude into my head one night. 'Have a child before its too late'? DOnt know what the 2 late meant and never asked LOL.

    I have days when I can be maternal and other days when I forget that Zacky is mine. Those are the days that I find really confusing. Because I know he is mine and I would never be without him. I just dont get soppy and over emotional about it for some reason.

    Zackys dad on the other hand will tell everyone that LO is his whole world, and if OH has a bad day at work, LO will give him a big smile and it makes everything better.

  • Well in a way I have changed a lot because I was always convinced that I would never have kids. I had a lot of issues about it, but then when I got into my late 20s I guess the hormones started kicking in, and some of my friends had kids- and suddenly it was really important to me. There are days that I worry that I did it because of my hormones and not for the 'right' reasons, whatever they are!!

  • I used to love my job but now Lily is more important. I wish I had gone back to work later than I did and I regret it so much. I have reduced my days to 4 days and am looking to move schools so that I can maybe do 3 days a week. I have totally changed. I am willing to give up my management role in school so that I spend more time with Lily. She is my world!
  • h my god i love this post cus i couldnt agree more!!!!!!! Im 35 and not a day goes by where i dont look at my 11 month bundle of joy and wish id had her years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I always wanted a baby a baby i add not children which may sound odd but i still find it strange that i am responsible for a child !! Me and my oh been together 9 years got a nice house nice cars hollidayed several times a year had loads of credit cards and didnt give a shit went out and got pissed every weekend and stayed in bed most of sunday only getting up to get paper and eat breakfast!! And then i decide ill come off pill been on it since 16 and was under illusion if it happens it happens lets let fate decide if i am to get pregnant and carry on having a great time. Then 12 months later periods are v irregular in fact stop i develop cysts and am diagnosed with pocs!!!!! And all of a sudden i am hit with a horriffic desire to get pregnant am insanely jealous when i see any one pregnant !!! Am referred for fertillity treatmenet and the very next month get pregnant!!!!!!!! No one could have researched their pregnancy as much as me i changed overnight gave up drinking smoking going out and looked after myself. I was sick for 24 weeks developed severe spd and siatica searched solice on her with tommysmum and lara and chloe!!! INduced had emergency section and have a baby that has never slept through but yet i love the bones off her i would do anything for her and if i have to stay up with her every night till she is 18 lol i just dont care!!! I have been out twice once for oh work do and for his birthday had an enjoyable night but couldnt wait to get back to my litle girl. She is our world and we are enjoying every minute of her. Becouse of a bad pregnancy and birth i allways said never again but i can understand how people go on to have more and more and more. For me now i cant imagine having enough love to share around but i hope fate is on my side when she is about 3 or 4 and i would love to have another sorry if i have bored you all but i could talk about my baby all day!! LOL most of us do when we on here all day!!!
  • aw - what a lovely post!! xxxxxxx
  • not really as growing up all i ever wanted was to have a family never really cared about a career
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