Santa's Grotto.. :D

Hey Girls!

Who is taking there little one to a santa's grotto this year? I really want to :lol: I'm such a child & i'm so excited about creating the magic! I know his too little to really understand.. & most prob he'll be scared of him at this age! but I really want to give it a go.. & have a photo of Charlie & Santa on his very 1st Christmas!

Who else is taking there little one?


  • Aw I'd love to take my girls but Lily is not a fan of men with beards so she'd probably scream the place down!

    This just reminded me we had a school fair when I was at high school and my teacher was dressed as father christmas. Mum took my little sister in to see him (she was only about 3 or 4 at time) and my sis had a little accident and did a wee on santa's knee!!!! :lol: Oh the shame!

  • Haha!! That's sooo funny!

    Yeah i'm think Charlie might scream! well have to see! He is teething and is so clingy, he might not even let me hand him over! :lol: x
  • I'm not sure - I know she's too young to understand but would be a lovely thing to do!
  • Tegan is 13 months and i took her to see santa on saturday, she screamed the place down, when she finally calmed down a bit, she reached out and touched his beard and went crazy all over again, she did enjoy picking out a present tho lol x
  • oh and she got a badge that i will put in her baby box image
  • haha love the touching of the beard! x haha.. poor santa imagine how many screaming children they have to see daily! lol *she says with full intentions of bringing Charlie!* lol x
  • lol well don't blame be if you and baby scream together :lol: x
  • I wanted tot ake jayden yesterday but the queue was just silly! I reckon there was a good hour- two hour wait!! I am hoping to take him though for the first time, doubt he will be too impressed though!!x
  • Took my 2 on a santa magic tractor ride (yes i know, clearly no budget for a sleigh) on saturday...madi asked about sixty questions and Braedon threw up on himself!!!
  • OO sammie what was the blue water one like? x
  • My best friend & I are taking Ellie (8months) & her daughter Lucy (16 months) on Wednesday to see Santa then go to the Christmas market that comes to Belfast every year. I want an individual photo of Ellie with santa then one of the 2 kids together with santa image xx
  • ill be taking my older boys jack 5, he loves it lewis 4 isnt keen, he's terrified of the face on the house on step inside on cbeebies lol but max is too young i think, 9 weeks. xx
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