Kids dropping you in it!!!

Dont kids have a lovely way of dropping you in it? This is a just a little one that Ollie (7) did to me and OH last weekend.

We were staying with my dad and while we were there a programme came on (think it was Escape to the Country or something) and the main bedroom was absolutely huge and gorgeous! Anyway I commented on how much I liked the house because of this room.

Ollie pipes up with "Theres no point in you having that - all you would do all day is have Daddy moving the bed around then moving it back to the same place!"

Innocent you may think - but not when you realise that is our code for sex! We have a bed that makes the slightest noise even if you roll over so Daddy told him that if its noisy its because mummy is getting him to move the furniture around and he is to stay in bed!

You can imagine the blushes on our faces lol



  • Lol. They things they come out to me with in school is priceless. I know a little too much about some parents lol!!!!

  • lol! I'm just imagining a very confused look on your dad's face!
  • haha love it! Great topic! My cousin in Ireland when he was younger was told to answer the door and say his daddy wasn't in.. so he did..

    man at the door: is your father there?
    My cousin: No he's gone out!
    man at the door: do you know what time he'll be home?
    My cousin: wait there and i'll go into the kitchean and ask him!!

    haha.. kids got to love them!

    When I was little my mum took me on hoilday to spain and she had a bikini on.. I tapped her bottom and asked why she poo'd her self! lol (she had a towel on!) kids! lol x

    We were staying at my cousins house recently, and there little girl came into the living room and said, mummy and daddy's door is locked.. they don't usually lock the door in the middle of they day!! I know they are in there I heard them laughting!

    the living room was backed and we all burst out laughting! haha x
  • Niki- I just have to ask... I love the name Imyia, it's so unusual but how do you pronounce it?

    (Sorry to hijack your thread Tommysmum)
  • no probs poz - i was thinking exactly the same as you x
  • thankfully neither of my kids have done anthing like this yet.
    but when i was little my mum took me out and i saw my first black person and went up to him and asked him why he hadnt had a bath.

    when she was out with my little sister who was about 5 at the time, my little sister went up to a guy who was about 21 and with a group of his friends and said my mummy wants a baby will you give her one x
  • My brother is 10 but he is autistic and dyspraxic and he has put me in it a hell of a lot! Whenever I have been moaning about my OH family in front of my dad, my bro seems to overhear, and the next time he sees my OH, he TELLS him ****cringe*** not cos he's being a telltale - but cos he doesnt understand that its rude!

    Also when I was going out with someone in school, and my stepmum asked how it was going with said boyfriend.
    Me: Oh I dumped him.
    Brother: You DUMPED him? Where??? (he thought I meant actually dumping him, like in a skip or something lol)

    Also I remember when a little boy my mil looks after coming round when I was pregnant, we were talking about the baby in my tummy (he was 2 at the time), well he kept asking where is it. "It's in my tummy". "I wanna see it" (pulls my top up wondering why he can't see it.) And then he asked, "What colour is it?" Me & oh are both caucasian so OH laughs his head off & says Well i bloody hope its white! LMAO!
  • Think I've posted this on here before so apologies if anyone's read it already! We'd gone out for the day when DD was a few weeks old and had stopped in Tescos cafe for a brew and a bottle, DS was about 3 at the time. We were sitting having our drinks and chatting when a family arrived and sat at the next table to us. The dad of the family was rather large to say the least and had the most impressive pair of man boobs I've seen in a long while. I'd clocked it and was trying to get OH to look (not obviously lol!) when DS pipes up, in a crystal clear voice, "Daddy look, that man's got boobies." We did what any self respecting parents would do and ignored him. Not happy with this he said, louder, " Daddy, LOOK - why has that man got boobies?" OH explained to him, while just about keeping a straight face, that it wasn't polite to say things like that because it might upset someone. DS thought about it for a minute or so then said "But, daddy, he has got boobies and they're HUGE!!!!!!!" Coats were on and we were out the door as quickly as we could manage.
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