do you think its tummy ache? help!

hi girls, need your opinions/advice. Charlie will cry for his feed then after a few oz's push the bottle out of his mouth, he then gets really grizzly so i offer him the bottle again and he opens his mouth as if he wants it, has a mouthful but pushes it out again. He is also very squirmy (is that a word?lol) and just doesnt seem to get comfortable, he quite often stiffens his body so im not sure how he wants to be. He's farting a fair bit and this morning he did a dirty nappy but the poo was very watery. He also seems to bring up a lot of his milk without warning. He seems fine inbetween his grizzly outbursts, smiling, etc and is not screaming crying just very grizzly/unsettled. Any thoughts or suggestions.xx


  • Perhaps he has a bit of wind hun have you tried infacol before feeds or some gripe water in his bottle... this may help him a little if no luck with that then why not switch to the easy digest formula....
  • Charlie is 11 weeks tomorrow. I hate not knowing whats wrong - wish I could speak baby, lol!!! I just don't know if to try infacol again, change his milk, give him
  • im not saying charlie has reflux at all but we tried every wind trick in the book as daisy reacted like this. She had silent reflux would grab bottle drink a bit then knock it out way arching back out like it was hurting her. She ended up hysterical every time i tried to feed her as soon as i brought a bib out she went mental. i took her for food intolerance testing and they tried different milks have you thought about trying a different formula? We used tons of infacol gripe water etc nothing worked but think we were treating the wrong problem. I hope you get it sorted its sole deysroying when they fuss so much over a milk feed, we got to stage where it was too embarassing to go out in public at feeding time.
  • oh meant to say we often thought it was trapped wind as she used to fart all the time but i think it was the squirming around taht caused this
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