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did u scream when in pushing?

my oh just reminded me about the mw telling me off a couple of times for screaming whilst pushing, dunno why just makes me feel silly. when your in that mu h pain its hard to keep the noise down lol


  • I screamed a lot and got told off too...I still cringe!!!!
  • me too! she said if i put as much effort in screaming as i did pushing i would of gotten dd out much sooner!!! lol!
  • My hubby said I was making noises like some kind of animal, like a cow mooing! I actually told the mw to shut up as she was distracting me while I was trying to concentrate to breathe through the contractions.
  • I didnt make much noise at all, I had the gas and air my mouth too much to want to make any noise, I just kept pushing dd was coming so fast, she was born in 2 hours :lol:
  • I was fine with dd1 and was quiet and ok but with lizzie im sure someone in the next town would have thought i was being murdered!
    she went back to back when the silly mw touched my bump when i asked her not to touch me AT ALL! and from that momnent on i was screaming in pain!! right up until i was ready to push then i put my head down and got on with it without screaming (quietest 12 mins of the whole morning,lol!!!)
  • I had the (disconnected) g&a mouthpiece in my mouth that oh shoved in there after I bite his finger! Oh thought it was hilarious that I kept saying sh*t then sorry sorry sorry x
  • I screamed and howled the whole way through labour! I felt like a woman possesed. The mw told me to stop being meladramatic but I had bo control over myself! I think I was grunting more when pushing though. The mw kept telling me to close my mouth!
  • I had the (disconnected) g&a mouthpiece in my mouth that oh shoved in there after I bite his finger! Oh thought it was hilarious that I kept saying sh*t then sorry sorry sorry x

    i found the head to work fine too without gas and air! it regulated my breathing i found. i will remember next time just to ask for the entenox head! i didnt scream either
  • I was mooing more than screaming I think! I kept going to swear but saying fudge or sugar instead-the MW kept laughing and telling me she'd heard worse and to swear if I wanted to, but I just couldn't say it in front of her!
  • I didn't scream because screaming would have meant I couldnt take my gas & air and I was obsessed with it! I agree with calleigh I think it helped me take deep breaths (which helped) rather than took the pain away, but I liked it anyway.

    However I lie....I did do a fair bit of drama queen screaming...(Which is not like me at all - I'm not a drama queen esp not in a medical setting!) But for some reason labour turned me into Jennifer flippin Lopez! I screamed my head off at the midwife during an examination because she wanted to take me to delivery suite to break my waters and I refused (they ignored me image - dont blame them!) And much later on I threw a temper tantrum because I was slipping down the bed and couldn't pull myself up. (for some reason in labour I HAD to be sitting dead upright, it was the only way I felt comfortable!)

    I get really embarrassed when I think about how weird i was. It was like I was possessed by a whole other person! I hadn't slept for 2 days so I was out of it is my excuse.

    As for pushing I couldn't say as I ended up having a c-section as he was back to back and just not coming out.
  • i didnt get to the pushing stage as ended up having an EMCS 8 hours in but have no doubt I would've screamed my head off!

    I was induced and spent the night in the hospital after having my pessary inserted. The woman in the room next to mine was giving birth and was screaming away, i cried myself to sleep knowing it was my turn soon lol - big wimp (me)! x
  • I fully expected top be a screamer and moaner but I was quiet, after 2 days of slow labour and no sleep I needed all the energy I had. Plus I kept think of the ginger bird on One Born Every Minute and cringed, I so didn't want to be like her x
  • I'm normally a compete wimp..I get a paper cut and I scream and cry like a 4 year old (hubby laughs at me) and normally you can't shut me up for talking...but the 53 hours I was in labour (baby was back to back and I was induce with drip as wasn't progressing) I hardly made a peep except to ask for water and to say sorry to MW for moving and the monitor coming off (I wasn't allowed to move from bed or change position for 8 hours as monitor kept slipping!)

    The only tine I really made noise during pushing it wasn't a scream it was just an intense sound like concentration xx
  • i didnt scream either time didnt find it that bad! also felt more in control with my breathing and just wanted to get baby out and had seen so many pregnancy programmes with screaming people and didnt want to do that and knew pushing would be quicker if all my energy just went on pushing.
  • I didn't scream, more grunty noise I think. Afterwards though, I was relaxing with my tea and toast and there was someone in the next room absolutely screaming her head off! DH assured me that I hadn't sounded like that. Poor girl but we had to laugh!
  • the only time i ever really screamed was with lo 4, i had been taken over to delivery at just 1cm, 20 mins later i felt the urge to push, told this to midwife and she said not to as baby wasn't ready yet, so my next contraction i used all my might NOT to push and thus resulted in a very loud scream. after that she examined again to discover i was 10cm, then ran round the room getting everything ready, telling me to go with my body???? if only she had listened before hand. lo was also left crowning for 2 contractions (back of head was out but face was still in), that resulted in a lot of swear words being used lol xx
  • i did loads of screaming, and got really told off loads of times! im the end i told the mw to f**k off, whoops hahahah:lol:

    ashy x
  • Ha ha funny stories...i didnt scream, i must say i am known as a bit of a drama queen so OH and I were shocked that I didnt scream atleast a bit. I kinda went in on myself. I remember before i got to the pushing stage hearing a few ladies SCREAMING and thinking boo hoo that will be me soon. But i think i just sounded a bit like a cow.
  • I didnt scream, i dont see the point and knew things would be better if i just got on with it and pushed lo out, dd1 was so fast i had her out in 1-2 pushes and dd2 was b2b and it took about 4-5 pushes to get her out.
  • im not a screamer either with either of my two i always remember being told to try not to as it too away the effort form the pushing, i did have a few holy shit i dont think i can do this any more but that was about it, tbh i was more concerned about oh as he was very pale looking he is so weak stomached so i've told him if we're lucky enough to get a number 3 i'll go on in and he can just come in at the end if he wants lol
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