Anybody on Celebrity Slim Diet?

Hi girls,

Ive been on the celeb slim diet since monday finding it ok up to now although could kill for a slice of chocolate fudge cake...!

Is anybody else on this diet, and i wanted to see how you r getting on? xxx


  • nope iv seen the adds but iv just started the slimming world one, where believe it or not you can actualy have some chocolate fudge cake, not a lot but some as you can have between 5 and 15 syne points a day and each unhealthy food has a syne point value and its up to you how you use them
  • im on lighterlife lite think they are similar, i pay ??49.50 a week, and finding it easy- lost a stone in 4wks, wondered what the celebrity slim was like.
    although i could do with a huge piece of cake right now! lol. xxx
  • ??49.50 a week? I was wondering about the celebrity slim stuff.... i saw it in our local chemist... what does it involve?
  • its replacing 2 meals a day with a celeb slim milkshake or soup, snacking every 3 hours and having a meal whcih involves no carbs, im on day 6 and got weighed yesterday ive lost 7lb!! its ??38 for the first week then like ??28 every week after xxx
  • they r really nice, ive done the slimfast before and thought the milkshakes were vile, but the celeb slim ones r quite nice, they r frothy too cos u get a shaker with your starter pack xxx
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