Jelly? can he have it?


just wondered if my 10 month old can have jelly? im just concered about the additives, can it be homemade?




  • I give Lizzie sugar free Jelly- i know it means its got sweeterners instead of sugar but I think everything in moderation x
  • Gelatine and fruit juice.
  • little stars do fruit juice jellies, i give my LO them now and again and he loves them!
  • My boys have jelly twice a day (well, once really as they have half a portion each) as they cant have yoghurt and fruit for pudding as well as snack gets a bit boring after a while. I use the Hartleys sugar free stuff and add fruit to the bottom before I put it in the fridge to set. The boys love it!
  • i give phoebe jelly too, its fun!! image
  • My Hv advised giving Cam jelly as a way of getting more fluids into him. We use the sugar free hartleys packets too! x
  • Def agree with that flimbo! Jelly was our saviour during their dreaded sick bug 2 weeks ago as they wouldnt drink anything, and jelly was one of the only things where they managed to keep some down.
  • thanks ladies, im going to buy some of the sugar free stuff at the weekend, im really looking forward to it, i think my son will LOVE it!

    ashy xx
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