grrrrrr!! are the judges deaf? rachel is rubbish and sang so out of tune tonight, she had no control whatsoever.

and then she stands there and says "i truely believe i deserve my place in this competition".... er.... why!? she's never once said how grateful she is to be there or how much it means to her or that she's enjoying it loads or anything like that. her attitude stinks! GET HER OUT!


  • rachel sure knows how to murder a song!!!!!!!!!!
  • i cant help but bitch and moan whenever she appears on my tv!!! i have to chant "OUT, OUT,OUT"
  • yeah exactly, she was really rubbish. Even I could hear when she went out of tune and I'm no expert. Hope she goes as everyone else is better than her.
  • what did the say about Diana's performance? I missed it typing about Rachel lol image
  • They loved Diana!

    I am HATING eoghan - DAMN IT!
  • its hilarious what Eoghan did tonight and these girls looked so funny in the back hahaha couldnt stop laughing image Alex and Ruth were my favourite tonight. And JLS are so polite and always so neat blaaaah !
  • i thought dianna was rubbish tonight - really out of tune. eoghan was fantastic tonight!! X
  • I'm going to moan!

    Rachel can't sing to save her life!! It was shite, so shite, I can't believe anyone said it was good!!

    Everyone else was ok, but Diana's arms...........someone please chop them off :lol:

    JLS, Alex and Eoghan are gonna be in the final!!

    And I reckon Ruth or Rachel will go tonight but hoping Rachel!!

  • i want to stick puppets on diana' hands... give them something useful to do
  • no Eoghan was bloody awful - hate him - crap song choice for him as well as he has not been successful or had the chance to forget he is too bloody young and cheesy to be singing that!
  • I cant stand Diana, she manages to make every song she sings sound exactly the same. Also thanks to the other x factor post on here her hands irritate the life out of me. I dont think any of them except Alexandra and Ruth were particularly good.
  • Why why why did they let Rachel batter that song - in fact why are they letting her batter any song!! She HAS to go tonight

    And I had NEVER noticed Dianas hands before tonight but since the last post about it I couldnt stop watching them and laughing. Think the puppets would be a good idea waterbaby lol
  • maybe Bob Carolgees could lend her spit the dog!


  • I can't stand Rachael either she is so crap. I want to cut Diana's arms off as well. Puppets are a great idea.

    I thought Eoghan was really good.I think Alexandra is very good as well.
  • Emu is always free - :lol:
  • orville is available so i've been told- they could sing 'I wish i could fly'
  • Sorry girls but this post has proved to me even more that I would rather sit through every episode ever made of 'Last of the summer wine' than watch ANY reality TV especially something involving Simon Cowell (can't stand the sight of him espesh his teeth)
  • Lol Tiger lily!

    IMO all were shite apart from Alex & Ruth!
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