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  • My 8 month old daughter keeps waking up at 4am and cries for 2 hours before going back to sleep. Help!! In the last 3 weeks I've been giving her a 10pm feed with the hope this would help her go through the night. It is a problem between myself and my husband and is keeping our 6 year old daughter awake.
  • Hi Jo here ! I am ready for your sleep questions
  • My little man is 5 months (22 weeks) and still not sleeping through, he has 3 meals a day and about 20-25oz stage 2 (hes milk protein intolerant so needs the calcium) Anyway he used to go 9-4 then 4-8, however now its 7-1, 1-3, 3,4,6 we are up, not for a bottle till the 4 o clock wake up, he is teething, but Im also 2 months pregnany and struggling without the sleep, as my oh is no longer around... please help lol
  • Hi my baby boy is 20 weeks old, he has slept through the night from about 12 weeks 7pm until 630am, but the last 4 nights he has been waking up about 5 times!! I'm exhausted he doesn't seem to be in pain, just starts crying, I just rub his face or put a dummy in and he goes to sleep again only to wake up an hour later.. any ideas why he is suddenly waking so much? He has just got over a bad cold. Also just wondered if there are any tips to make a baby sleep longer in each nap, Ben sleeps for 45 minutes then wakes up, but still seems tired but won't go back to sleep! sorry so many q's. thanks x x x
  • Hi tallkatie ,Usaully babies prfer to be unswaddled around 8-10 weeks old .strat in the day by having one arm out for a week then after that both arms ,doing it gradually will help .Good luck!
  • Hi, my 7 week old baby screams the house down when we put him in his cot or moses basket, he is in the bed with us as a result as we have been worn down through lack of sleep. It started the day he came home from hospital. He was full term and is otherwise well. We have tried a pupd routine but half heartedly it has to be said. What is the best way of getting him out of our bed and into his cot? Many thanks
  • Hi Angela ,
    If your baby has started waking again in the night it is usually A sign of a growth spurt so offer more milk /food during the day .When he wakes go in every 5 mins to soothe ,don't take him out of the cot or room .This will soon stop .
  • Hi, max is now 5months old and still wakes up twice a night for a bottle, he has done from birth, he's been on solids for 4weeks and has 3 melas a day, has his last bottle at 7pm and goes top bed, but still wakes twice, ive tried feeding him later before i go to bed but he still wakes at 2/4/6 around those times, ive tried just giving him water, dummy etc, i think i have tried everything but still he does not sleep through, My other 2 boys were the same and didnt sleep through til they were about 9months + is there anything i can do or am i doomed to another 4+ months of saleppless nights? hje wakes at 6 and does not go back to sleep that is the time he is up too. x
  • My little boy is 8 months old, he sleeps from 7.30 till 5.30 before waking for a feed. After his feed he goes straight back to sleep untill 7.45. What's the best way of incouraging him to drop this feed? At the minute he has no milk when he wakes up as he is still full from the 5.30 feed! He has three big meals a day, plus a snack, plus a milk feed at 3.30 and bedtime. I need to find a quiet way of getting him to sleep through as his big sister is in the room next door and we don't want to disturb he too much.
  • Hi Sando ,poor you .Start a feed roputine in the daytime -and settle him down for naps .once he can settle himself it will all get batter .Once he wakes in the night .leave him for at least 5 mins then go in sssh him ,put your hand on his chest then leave the room after 1-2 mins do this everytime even in the day he will soon learn to resettle and the night wakes will stop .
  • Hi ilove my geek ,It would be much better if your baby slept in the daytime she must be very tired .You need to put a week aside to put her in her cot the same time everyday ,after lunch is a good idea about 12 .put on some soothing music and close the curtains ,each day you do this she will start to respond .even if she has quiet time .
  • Hi JoTantum, My son is 26 months old andhe wont go to bed on his own, i have to lay beside him until he falls asleep. Then every night without fail he will come through beside me and oh and climb in the middle and is only happy when sleeping with us. I am 33+4 weeks pregnant and really would like him in his own bed going to sleep on his own. Help.
  • Cheers, will try image He often goes straight to sleep if I hold him for 10 mins, but when I have 2 that wont be practical lol
  • Cheers, will try image He often goes straight to sleep if I hold him for 10 mins, but when I have 2 that wont be practical lol
  • hi mrsh 01.He is probably going through a growth spurt so give him more milk /food .Also the daytime naps when he wakes leave him for 5 mins to see if he will resettle then go in and sshhh ,hand on chest for 1-2 mins .continue this for 15 mins each naptime ,very soon he will learn the lesson of falling back to sleep and the naps wil be longer .
  • Ho logiebear ,
    firstly but him a 3 hourly feeing routine ,he should be able to stay awake for about 1 and a half hours before getting tired .He is probably overtired and overstimulated !so swddled him ,put him a quiet ,dark room and leave him for 5 minutes alone ,listen to his cries and only go in if he very upset .Most babies just need some time to calm down without lots of fussing .stroke his head and sshh but try not to pick up ,after 1-2 mins put down and leave the room .
  • hi sarah 1984 .Bbaies will set their internal alarm clock for a feed and when you feed them they will continue to set it !So lets reset your baby's clock .When he wakes leave him for 5 mins ,then go in -if there is no quiet gaps! ssshh him ,put your hand on his chest do this for 1 minute -this is my technique'spaced soothing' and it works! leave the room .cntinue to do this each time .It is always best to start this in the morning for daytime naps so they learn the lesson a few times before hand .stick tp this for a week and you will have a baby sleeping 12 hours!
  • hi bedhead , if you teach your baby that he has a feed at 5.30-which is a natural light sleep that is what he will do .So next time try a diluted feed 3oz of water and 1 scoop ,do this for a week .then don't give him a bottle when he wakes leave him for 5 mins then go in soothe him ,ssshh then go out again .He will soon realise that he isn't getting fed and stop waking up .Tell your little girl that she may hear him crying but not to worry .After a week your problem will, be solved .
  • Hi Jo,

    1) With the help of members on BE I have managed to settle my lo who is 9.5mths in her cot during the day, totaling 2.5-3hrs. At night she goes down at 830 (this is when she is tired) and is given a dream feed about 11ish but will wake about 2-3ish and crawl to the edge of her cot and cry. In usually pick her up and try and settle her with PUPD. She ends up in bed with us as hubby needs sleep as he has a long day at work. How can we get past this?

    2)In the past week it has been hard settling her at night. She doesn't whinge, when I lie her down she immediately gets up and crawls to the end of bed and starts rattling the bars./cruising round the cot and she hasn't been settling to about 930, despite rubbing her eyes and showing all the signs of tiredness. Is there something I am doing wrong, or should I just let her play until she finally tires herself out? I have tried giving her more food during the day, but she just clamps her mouth shut.
    hope you can help image x
  • Hi,
    My 5 month old Connor goes to bed at 8, we used the pick up put down method and it worked at first now its stopped, we have followed the method exactly and have not changed what we do i just dont know why he still fights his sleep so much.
    He also wakes a lot in the night at the minute, sometimes for a feed(breastfed) and sometimes i can settle him with a dummy. This has been going on for a few weeks now.
    Could it be teething disturbing him? we have tried gel and calpol but it doesnt make a difference or could he be hungrier? hes on 2 meals of baby rice a day plus 4 hourly breastfeeds.
    Sorry for the long question and thanks for reading
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