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O/T has anyone done the cambridge diet?

i am getting married in 9 weeks ekkkk! i have been doing slimming world for the last 4 months and have lost 2 stone which i am really pleased with as its been easy to stick to, i am desperate to speed up the weight loss in the next 9 weeks and have an appointment with a consultant for the cambridge diet on monday! my mum did it for a while and it was pretty tough but she got the results she wanted! I am confident i can lose another 1.5 stone before my big day,
Has anyone else ever done this diet? this is not a long term thing and i will go back to slimming world after the wedding but i want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight of 9st5lbs for my wedding, we are spending a fortune on a photographer and i want to try and look my best!


  • My sister did, she lost 6 stone in 5 month and never felt better!

    Although your eating way less calories your getting all your vitamins which she prob wasn't getting otherwise

    good luck! It takes some doing!! Xx
  • Hi shockedmummy

    I've done cambridge and lost 3 stone in 3 months. The initial week where you have to get into ketosis is hard going and you'll be starving but stick with it, it really is worth it for the quick results. You wont want to go back to slimming world when you see how quick it is to shift the weight! I wish id done it before my wedding.

    Only thing i would say is, packs are meant to be full of the vitamins you need however i would suggest taking a multivitamin with calcium as ive had perfect teeth then after doing this diet one tooth broke it half!! Obviously i have no proof it was cambridge diet that caused it but its what i think.

    Good luck xxxx
  • thank you so much ladies for your replies, both experiences sound really positive and i am really looking forward to getting started and seeing the results! planning a roast dinner tomorrow with all the trimming before all the hard work starts on monday!
  • hello ladies i want to try this too as am desperate to lose weight. i was just wondering how much it costs? i cant spend a fortune as still have to do a weeks shop for the rest of the family.
    thanks in advance xxxx
  • Hi there.
    Congratulations on your weight loss and your upcoming wedding.

    I am doing this at the moment as a quick thing for fertility treatment. I have lost 15 lb in 27 days but a week of that was on holiday so in three weeks really. I feel fantastic. It is difficult and the first dew days are tough but I try to remember the more you drink the more you shrink so try and drink lots of water. Also I would recommend getting the fibre too and use it twice a day as constipation can be a problem.

    Other than that I feel fantastic. Just over a stone in three weeks I couldn't be happier. My clothes are also feeling fab. I too will go back to slimming world when I've lost a little more as I do think that is the best one.

    Good luck. Xx
  • Does it cost alot of money ladybird?xxxxxx
  • If you get the shakes and soups it costs me 38.80 but the bars which I find too sweet or the ready made shakes it does work out about 42. It can vary slightly as I think consultants can charge what they want really but I would say this is a rough guide. If you are 5ft 8 or over then you are supposed to have four shakes but you can do what is called ss plus which you would have cottage cheese or a little bit of chicken which would be much cheaper than buying an additional shake.

    Sorry for the essay. X x
  • I think my sister paid ??32 a week

  • Hi,

    Most of you will think that I am peeing on your bonfire but I would like to add a note of caution to this post.

    Weight loss occurs when the amount of calories you take in are less than the amount being burned by your body, obviously the bigger the difference in these numbers the bigger the weightloss however fat only burns off at a rate of 1-2 lb a week on average, if you reduce the number of calories you eat too much as in the Cambridge diet or Lighter Life diet then a lot of the extra weight loss is down to your body burning muscle and unfortunately it is not overly bothered which muscle it burns and one of your muscles is your heart....

    Weight Watchers (by the way I'm a WW leader), Slimming World and Rosemary Conley are all healthy ways of losing weight although it happens a lot slower.

    Sorry, obviously people do get good results but just be careful about the bit they don't tell you.
  • Can I ask the lady who said she broke a tooth when on the Cambridge diet how it happened.  I have also broken a tooth on one of their crunch bars and am curious to know if my experience is unique.

  • Btw the Cambridge diet is fabulous in every other way.   only thing I have successfully tried for years.

  • Hi I have broken a tooth yesterda! On a lemon bar. I need all the help I can get! 

    Please if anyone can help please text me 

    on 07956 140518 uk number 🙏🏻

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