bad mummy of the day reward goes to me! :-(

Hiya mummies and babies

I can't stop cuddling Grace because i feel so bad for whats just happened.

What it is is i have been baking cookies so the ovens been on since before i started (pre heat and all that nonsense) and the front had got quite hot. Anyway. I'd just took some out and turned to put them on the side behind me only to turn back and see Grace staring at me in shock with her hand on the oven door. I kind of shouted her to move (like she'll listen at 7 month) and i think this as well as the shock of the burning on her hand freaked her out so i grabbed her pretty much the same time i was shouting her to move and ran it under the cold tap. Her little fingertips are so red and i feel a failure for turning my back even for that split second. She's fine now and actually just this minute fell asleep sat up in her walker. lol. Just had to tell everyone how much of a bad mum i feel.

Hope your all well

Lisa xxx


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