Very apprehensive today :\(

Hubby had a whole month off after Lily's birth, what with his pat leave + Christmas + saved leave. He's gone back to work for the first time today & I'm terrified! He's brilliant with Lily, easily does half the work, and has far more patience than I do. I've also been ill so feeling wobbly & not fancying the stairs much.

Lily's currently asleep on me (getting sooo good at one-handed typing!) & hubby's made me a nest on the sofa with food, drink, remotes, blankets etc. so that I don't have to move all day - but I feel so scared! Will be relying on you ladies to keep me positive today :\( :\)


  • It's always a bit scary when you are left on your own the first time,but i'n sure you will do brilliantly! We will be here if you need us!! Good luck.xx
  • I remember the first time Mark went back to work - i was terrified I wouldn't be able to get up and down the stairs (it was 2 weeks after a c sec) but I just took things slowly and somehow it all got done image
    Your lil nest sounds comfy and warm.
    Don't worry - only the nappy changes to sort out and it will all come naturally and soon be second nature...

  • oh babe! i remember the first day without my oh.... it is scary but i ended up enjoying it quite a lot and after a few days started to feel lots more confident.

    be thinking of you! have fun!
  • It's daunting that first day but you will be ok - my hubby has been off for 2 weeks over Christmas and today it's back to just me and Max and it is gonna be hard but I enjoy it so just getting back in the swing and then I will be fine - SO WILL YOU! Enjoy your nest! image
  • Aw thank you, you've all actually managed to make me feel loads better! It does help to know that there are people out there who understand exactly what it's like. I feel like BE is my lifeline today!

    Bump on head is much better thank you Katie - gave my hubby a right fright passing out on the bathroom floor so he's been even more wonderful since! I think still feeling a bit poorly isn't helping me to feel confident about being alone with Lily.
  • Hey,

    for the first couple of weeks that my dh went back to work I was so tired that i'd hand Louise over to him as soon as he got home and had an hours sleep! BUT, that was because Louise has always been a clingy baby and cried if I put her any where other than her vibrating chair and I didn't feel comfortable nappy myself when she was in it. Am I right in thinking your breastfeeding? If so, just make sure your drinking lots of water and snacking lots - I forgot the first few days on my own and got tired very quickly without dh topping up my glass all the time.

    Really though, you'll be fine, just tryto relax and enjoy quality time together! And there'll be lots of people on here to chat with! My dh and I chat during the day on googlemail chat so I'm always logged into be and facebbook as my laptop is on all
  • You will be brill dont worry. Its actually quite a good thing when ohs go back to work cos after a few days you and lily will fall in to your own little routine.

    Our routine has gone out the window with dh being off for xmas and i got quite used to the lie ins so today was a shock.
  • I was really scared too OH had 5 weeks off with us!
    So when he had to go back it was a bit of a shock to the system (:lol: to him as well!) He used to tell me going to work in the morning 'I wish I could stay here with you & Charlie and help you do jobs!' which I thought was one of the sweetest thing ever!
    but off he went..

    & when it happened it was daughting, but the time passes so quickly, and your always so busy with a baby thay are home from work before you know it!! & my OH does 12hrs shifts! Once your in a bit of a routine, had a wash got ready, maybe gone out to the shops for a few bits, did a bit of tidying up, meeting a mate for lunch or coffee, fed and changed baby, put some dinner on.. and they are home again! in actaul fact you wont know where they day has gone cause it goes so quickly.. oh forgot to add checking in here! haha ..

    & once youve been doing it a few days, you'll know what to expect so can plan a few extra bits you might like to do!


  • i planned in advance for it because i knew i couldn't rely on him being there all the time so i tried to do everything myself even after having c-section so that when he went back to work it wasn't that much of a shock to the system! he took his paternity leave from the monday when i got induced and i didnt come home til the friday so we only had just over a week together at home! x
  • Well so far so good, and thanks for all your support! Makes me feel far more cheery.

    Lily must know I'm feeling fragile as she's been an angel all morning - sleeping, feeding, bringing up wind beautifully (something she often struggles with) and even smiling at me! She's only started smiling in the last few days and it's magical - you can tell that it's not wind as she opens her mouth wide and uses her eyes too, and says "ah" image I might even be up to walking to the post box to post some thank-you letters later - if it stops snowing, anyway.

    Yep Loopy Loo, I'm breastfeeding - got my litre bottle of water next to me and am surrounded by fruit! :lol:

    I feel cautiously optimistic....
  • Glad it's going well. I remember being so scared and actually it was fine. I was nervous about today too as OH has been off for 3 weeks but actually it's great and I'm loving having Archie all to myself again. I normally make sure we go out for a long walk but I'm staying in and playing all day.
    S x
  • Glad its going well, It's always scary being left for the first time, when I had my first and hubby went back to work I was terified, by the time I had Isaac hubby had nearly 4 weeks off I couldnt wait to get him out of the house :lol:
  • Hope your having a good day, its scary the first time your alone, i remember spending the night on BE cause i was so worried lol. Now me & Evie love our days together xxxxx
  • hey hun, once this day is out of the way you'll feel so much better and proud of yourself too! i cried on stefs 1st day back at work, he'd had 4 weeks, one before the birth and 3 after and i cried, begging him not to leave us! but we were fine and after a few weeks or so i was glad he'd gone back because you get into your own swing of things...and then when they have a day off you'll be pulling your hair out wishing they'd stop mucking up your routine!! hehe!
  • I cried on hubby last night too, listef :roll: It's sooo good to have you all to chat to.

    Ok, I'm temporarily over my worry about being a useless mummy, but now I'm concerned that I'm going to get really fat because I don't move from the sofa, and have a horrible messy house because I don't have any free hands!

    Having said that, I've just booked a couple of post-natal mummy and baby classes, including one bring-your-baby exercise class, so am feeling good about that image
  • hehe, hun my babys 6 months and my house is a think its bad now it only gets worse...more toys & less time = more mess!! but i love my mess and i dont care cos i know that my time is spent bonding with my little man and thats all that matters!
    i am fat tho so cant reassure you on that. apparently when lo starts walking we will lose weight from chasing after them! im waiting for that to happen!
  • Sounds like your doing a grand job babe! Your oh sounds great-love the nest idea!
    Couldn't agree with Listef more! I was sooooooo worried when oh went back to work (had a c-section so was a bit wobbly!) but was glad he did as it helped me and lo get into our routine, get to know each other more and when oh is around he mucks us up do it as been lovely to have him at home for the last 2 weeks. Spoke to him this afternoon and he's really missing us bless him. Must be hard being at work.
  • Haha! I was paranoid about having a messy house long before Lily came into the equation - am going to have to learn to relax about that, I think :roll:

    My friend and her 10-month old WALKING baby came to visit me just before Lily was born, and my goodness sitting down & switching off was just not an option!
  • You must never feel lonely when your oh is at work tho hun. this site is brill cos there is always someone there who knows exectly what your going through and if your worried you can bounce ides off people...its fab!
    yeah my neice is 15 months and when she comes round it makes me realise just how much safety proofing there still is to do!
    if i could upload pics (cant cos im a techno-phobe) i would show you a picture of my living room right now and you would feel soooooooo much better! haha!
  • Awww hun, glad you're doing well. It's great the wind is being passed nicely, that was our main issue when I was home alone with Riley. Hope the day carries on going well. xxx
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