Feeling of anti climax

Hi everyone

I had my baby boy on Monday but despite how much I love him and how pleased I am to finally have him here I can't help feeling like its an anticlimax. Is this normal? I am feeling terribly guilty that I feel like this as surely I should be feeling over the moon. I can't stop thinking about how I'm never going to pregnant again (have 3 children now) and have that feeling of baby kicking me or experiencing birth again. I feel so so guilty!!


  • Hi there

    Didn't want to read and run...

    Perhaps it's your hormones making you feel a bit down right now?

    Also, because this is your last baby you're probably feeling a bit deflated that you'll never experience pregnancy/childbirth again like you said.

    But please don't feel guilty - I am sure you'll be feeling better once your hormones have settled down a bit. Ups and downs are all a normal part of giving birth and those first few weeks so you have nothing to feel bad about.

    Love NN xx
  • hun, dont worry it is completly normal, I never had this but my mum and I were talking a few days ago and she said she had this with all 4 of her children, it was a big build up and all exciting when she was pregnant and then she said when we arrived she realised that this person was dependant on her and she said she felt a huge anti-climax to it all, sil has also said this, please dont worry xxxx
  • i dont know how the birth went but minbe was an em c section after a LONG induction. I felt the love immediately but yes there was a sort of deflating few days too - lots of tears etc - please dont worry and just enjoy every second - write as much down as you can take as many photos becasue the cliche is so true - they grow so fast - i am currently preparing tobys first birthday and i just cant bekieve that my little baby is so grown up.

    Lots of love to you and your baby x
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