When did your LOs eyes change colour?


Was just wondering when you LOs eyes changed colour (if they did!). My little one has beautiful dark hair like his Daddy so I am thinking he will probably get his brown eyes as well. He is just 5 1/2 weeks at the moment so I know it could be a while before they change (if they do - maybe he will keep my blues ones!), bit just interested to know what happened for others!

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  • Hiya, my lil boy was born with bright blue eyes and white blonde hair; he is nearly 10 months old now and still has blonde hair and blue eyes, maybe not quite as bright as they were before though?? Hubby has hazel eyes and I have blue/green eyes btw.

    As with everything pg/baby related, it varies so much from one to another - I think I read somewhere that you need to give it until they are 9 months before you know for sure what colour they will be. My nephews eyes turned brown by the time he was about 3 months old.

  • Thanks girls! That's interesting that they went dark blue first and gradually changed as I noticed his eyes have started to look more dark blue than they used to!
  • My daughter had blue eyes up until she was just over 2 and then they went green and they are really green now definatly not blue! we were most supprised as were told they would stay bluie when she was a year old! x
  • My oldest son was born with blue eyes and they gradually changed green like mine when he was a year old.
    My second son (14 months) eyes have always been really blue but the last few months are more blue/green.
    I've read babies should have their perminant eye colour by 6-12 months but sometimes can take up to 3 years!
  • Ava was bron wiht dark hair and blue eyes.... at 9 months she is now blond and has hazelish eyes!
  • My lo was born with dark blue eyes and she is now 9 months and has bright blue eyes! I am hoping they won't change as she is dark haired and it looks lovely!

    However, saying that, I had blue eyes when I was born, they then became hazel but still very blue, until I was 11/12 when they have gone more green lol image
  • My LO had murky eyes (they never looked blue but you couldn't call them brown) until she was about 11 months, when they became a definite brown like mine.
  • How strange, I have never met a baby who's eyes changed! Gabe was born with blue eyes and has kept them - he's 21 months now - they are not quite as bright . I was born with brown eyes and dark brown hair & I've kept them. However Lo was born with red hair and it's gone blonde...
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