milk question

ok so Molly has decided that she would like to continue breastfeeding but just morning and night.

So do i need to be giving her cows milk during the day, she would usually have a boob feed in the afternoon but she is refusing that one still. She usually has a snack and a beaker of water at about 3:30pm should the water be milk?

Really not sure, Zach weaned himself off the breast completely by 11 months so he was on cows milk for morning and night but i can't remember if he took milk in the afternoon.

She has plenty of calcium/dairy in her diet.

Thanks x


  • forgot to say she is 11 months old x
  • When Oscar dropped the afternoon bottle I didn't replace it with anything to be honest. He was never hungry for it so I didn't see why he'd be hungry for anything else.

    As long as she's getting plenty of dairy in her diet along with 2 good breast feeds then I wouldn't worry.
  • If she'll drink milk it wouldn't hurt but I don't think she desperately need it if she has plenty of calcium in her diet, I think cows milk is quite low in iron anyway? At that age Millie wasn't having any milk at all, she went on milk strike at 10 1/2 months. Barney was having bmilk in the morning and cows milk at night, but nothing in the day.
  • Thanks hun!

    I'm just so happy she has decided to bf again, was so upset that she suddenly stopped but she is just being a little madam at the mo!

  • thanks girls, won't push it then if she doesn't want it, she loves yoghurts so will offer her one of those instead.
  • Does she have cows milk on her cereal?I dropped Lily's afternoon milk at about 11 months as I felt she didn't need it- it was more of a comfort thing than anything as she would have it before her afternoon nap. I would say if she is having lots of other dairy in her diet she wouldn't really need it. But having said that as you would be offering it as a drink in a beaker there can be no harm!

    At nearly 14 months Lily has 1 lot of milk and thats before bed we dropped the morning milk in the last few weeks as she didn't have it one day and didn't seem to miss it!

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