such a failure, couldn't even puree an apple properly !

So we started Archie on a wee bit of baby rice this morning. He seemed to like it but wasn't thrilled. After a few tastes he flatly refused. I tasted it and it's horrid so no wonder he wasn't thrilled with it. SO I thought, OK I'll puree an apple and mix a bit of that in tomorrow and see how he likes that.
got my Annabel Karmel book out, softened the apple in some boiling water then went to puree it.
tried using my mini magomix, nope full of lumps. So I tried the hand blender, nope still chunky and lumpy. So I ended up putting it through a seive. Now it's smooth but what a hassle. Should I just have used seive in 1st place or did I do something wrong. He'll never get butternut squash and pumpkin puree if I can't even do an apple !! S x

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  • How long did you boil it for hun? xox
  • tbh, I find pureeing apple such a faff I never bother. You have to peel so many apples to get hardly any puree that it doesn't seem worth the hassle. I make all of Barney's savoury purees but I tend to buy the pots of fruitpura instead of pureeing fruit. Butternut squash and pumpkin (and sweet potatoe) make a beautiful puree if you just steam them and then do it with a hand blender.
  • Like Bedhead, I always buy the fruit posts, the cow and gates ones, of the organix ones. I find that these work out cheaper, than buying a load of fruit.

    When I started a did a whole bag of apples, and got hardly any puree out of them.

    I find adding a little bit of the cooking water to the purre while blending helps to make it smooth.
  • try pear hun. Steam it or boil it. its pretty soft anyway. Apples are a pain! xx xx
  • I strewed my apples for quite a long time with extra water in so they were mushy before I blended them. Don't beat yourself up about it hun -practice makes perfect. I could never puree carrots I always had lumps in them no matter what I did!
  • I did the same as ccbmommy, practically boiled em in water to get REALLY mushy and then pureed. It does make such a useless amount though for so much time. Try banana, it's so quick n easy as no cooking. sweet potato too - it goes very smooth with minimal effort xxxx
  • I've got some Organix fruit puree pots (I'm lucky and my friend is the marketing assistant so I get lots of freebies) So might just stick to those. I think I just thought it would be easy/cheaper to do my own. Will get some sweet potato etc later at shops and have a go with those. Thanks girls. S x
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