Hi all.. was just wondering if anyone else stills swaddles their baby.. Mia nearly 15 weeks and still loves to be swaddled.. we tried last night to but her in a gro bag thingy but she wouldn't settle as soon as she was swaddled she fell straight to sleep .. any ideas?!!


  • my lo is 5 months and is till swaddled i did buy a gro bag the other day which i found good but he was a little unsettled im alternating bettween swaddling and the growbag now. you hae to wean them off it gradually i think thats what im rying to do.xxx
  • hi milliemia, we swaddled evie until just recently and she's 6 an a half month!! like sunnymum says we had to do it gradually, i started to put her to bed swaddled, then once asleep id loosen it all, then i started puting her down with just one arm out, then transferred her to gro-bag and she seems to be getting used to it now. i think it's just one of those things that takes time to adjust to xx
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