Good set of series to watch?

Hiya Girls..

I have sort of got to the end of everything i've been watch!

Surviors BBC (can still get it on there web site I think!) Oh I loved it!! really worth a watch & only been 6 episodes so far so not tooooo much to catch up on!

The Inbetweeners This is soo funny! Funnily enough only 6 episodes of this as well! Really worth watching! It's about 4 boy's who are going to secondary/6th form, a nerdy one (really dry humour!) one who bigs himself up & is always getting caught out, ect.. they are always ripping each other & will really remind you of going to school!

Prison Break I've wached all 4 seriers from start to finish & LOVED it!

Spooks .. just starting to watch it.. bit interiged!

IT Croud watched it for the first time last night and really found it funny! so will be watching a bit more of that!

I quite like Ugly betty but have only really watched the first series!

So girls what series do you love to watch & why? (in a cilla voice from blind date!).. xx

:lol: anything to get out of doing the house work huh! x

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  • I'm afraid I'm an old woman! I like crap like Midsommer Murders!! I especially love Frost because it is filmed round here so I just sit looking to see if I recognise the locations, how sad is that? :lol: :lol:
  • The It crowd is hilarious. Have you seen Peep Show? It is genius!

    I love Ugly Betty, and Sex and the City, and you can't beat Friends - i watch the endless repeats on E4 everyday, i must have seen them sooo many times! xx

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  • Supernatural is fantastic it has great eye candy too image
  • I love watching Monk. It's soo clever, funny and sometimes really sad tho!

    Also Sex and the city, Friends, House...I love old tv shows as well like Porridge lol. And things like my family.
  • HOUSE!

    Gossip Girl


    I just watched whole 5 seasons of Stargate Atlantis, was quite cool.
  • i love the it crowd, both me and my dh are both guilty of saying "have you turned it off and on again?" lol.

    I like Will & grace, dh has and we both enjoy watching futurama, family guy, american dad

    I love lost and heroes - heroes is great if you want something with lots of twists and turns ,

    And, scrubs, friends and two and a half men are favourites too...

    Oh dear, sounds like watch far too much tv! lol
  • I love Heroes. Never quite know whose a goodie or a baddie.
    Also love Dr Who and torchwood.

    I've got surviours on sky plus at the mo havent got round to watching it though.

    Gave up on lost after series 3 when I read that you wont know whats really goingon till series 7.

    loads of others too
  • I bought oh the box set of Only Fools and Horses for Xmas...shhhh! Don't tell him, he loves Only Fools! xoxoxo
  • Ooooh - definately CSI and CSI Miami!

    We are hoping all the box sets of CSI New York will be reduced in the sale coz we will have a marathon of watching them all so we can catch up lol.

    Also I LOVED Life on Mars with a passion and Ashes to Ashes was good too but not as good as LoM!

    I have also Sky+d all of the Lipstick Jungle Series to watch in a massive marathon.

    We were addicted to Lost as well but "lost" the plot when it started getting really weird.
  • I love series. I always sky plus them or get the box set. I never watch soaps or anything, but these are my downfall!!

    My faves are:

    Desperate Housewives - a bit mysterious, very funny and beautiful (people, clothes, location!!)

    Lipstick Jungle - I want Victory's wardrobe! The new Sex & The City

    Sex & The City - don't need to explain why I love this I'm sure!

    Samantha Who - just a bit of lighthearted fun

    Prison Break - nail biting and could stare at Wentworth Miller all day!

    Lost - I haven't got fed up with it like most & am still stuck in the Jack / Sawyer debate - can't decide who's hotter!

    24 - fantastic nailbiting stuff, but I still haven't finished watching the last series as too many series' to watch!

    Pushing Daisies - cute and fun

    Heroes - Loved the first series, but have only watched the first two episodes of the second (yes second) series, have second and third series' clogging up my sky plus box!

    Ugly Betty - I watched the whole first series when I was suffering with morning sickness from my bed! now got the second series and about halfway through it

    As you can see I'm a series addict!
  • Im a telly addict!!! I have watched every episode of the following and i love them:

    Desperate Housewives
    Lipstick Jungle
    Americas Next Top Model (does that count??)
    Sex and the City
    Ugly Betty
    The Tudors
    Gossip Girl
    Greys Anatomy
    Eli Stone (this is on sci fi and is brilliant!!!!)
    Ally McBeal (oldie but goodie)
    Samantha Who
    Private Practice
    Veronica Mars

    There are probably more that i cant think of. I will basically watch anything especially if its American.

    I liked the first few series of Shameless but then it got a bit stupid

    Im currently working my way through No Angels on tv on demand then i plan on watching Life on Mars
  • Got to be HEROES love love love it!think its great that its full of twists and turns and everything gets explained even if you have to wait awhile,unlike....

    LOST still enjoy it but it has gone abit downhill for me since series 3!but no debate on Jack and Sawyer....its sawyer all the way ooooh yes!lol

    Dont really watch any other series..did try watching Survivors but it has to be said im an American series fan..dont really enjoy things by us brits lol!!

  • And just to add - SAWYER hands down!

    Have you not seen the Davidoff advert, he is gorgeous xxxx
  • Seen it?i taped it hahaha x
  • Am back from hols and I can't think of a better post to come back to!!
    So this official telly addict loves:
    Monk-can't believe someone else likes it too-Tiger Lily! Bought the last series on box set for other half who loves it too. Really clever and I never guess who the dunn it.
    When pregnant I became addicted to (and this is very weird!!) Hetty Wainthrop Investigates-no idea why but they must have been on BBC last Christmas and had to Sky plus it!
    Have to watch any .....Next Top Model-America, Britain, Oz, Canada not fussed just love it!
    Loved Samantha Who on E4-really funny.
    Brothers and Sisters I really enjoyed-couldn't believe one of the actors is Welsh-does a great American accent.
    Ok finally and slightly weirdly again have to Sky+ The Gilmore Girls on E4-anyone else or is just me? I save them all up over a week then have a fest if lo lets me!!
    So nice to be back! xx

  • Ooooh, I love CSI Vegas and Miami. Also, Supernatural, Dexter, 24, IT crowd, Extras was good.

  • For me: Gavin & Stacey, The Office, and best best best of all - Cold Feet image
  • I love CSI!!! Lost and Spooks looked sooo good but missed quite a bit so didnt bother to watch the rest of series.

    Wish I had've done!!

  • I forgot about Dexter - i love that!!!! I hate the sister in it though cos she is so annoying. Wish she had been killed off lol

    I too watch every series of top model. TBH if the put the non english ones on with subtitles i would watch those too. Its a shame that the british one is the worse one.
  • Oooo PTB i LOVE Gavin and Stacey - instead of asking hubby how he is when he phones me on his way home from work i say 'Are you bronzed... ooo i can't wait to see it!' hehehe such a geek xxx
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