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starting another lot of maternity leave soon after returing to work

hey ladies...bear with me as im a little confused...

1st Q...Holiday entitlement adds up while were on maternity doesnt it...?

2nd due back off maternity end of AUG(full yr off)...and am now pregnant will be around 27/28 wks preg when i go back....i think!!(only know for a day so bit iffy on dates)....Could I...for example...go back for like a week or two...then take my whole holiday entitlement and then start maternity leave with the new bubba?? (coz u can go on maternity as soon as 29wks cant u??)

im like 80% sure im not going back after the new bubba so dont mins having less off after...

what u all i on the right track?? x


  • Hey,

    I am going through kind of the same thing i had my little boy in august last year and now due oct this year.

    I am talking to my hr dept at the mo trying to sort out what I can do, i am due back at the begining of July, so I am hoping to take my holiday that is owed to me for the whole of june and first couple of weeks of july and then take 4 weeks of unpaid parental leave to take me until I am 29 weeks. if I cant do this then i will use my holiday in june and go back to work part time for 8 weeks, then leave for mat leave again!

    Maybe talk to your HR team, I am going to go into work after my 12 week scan for a meeting and find out my options.

  • yeh thanks gunna wait till after 12 wks to tell guess i'l have a word with them then...

    just SCARED about what they'l say!!!
  • I am scared about telling my manager, i might get my HR team to tell him the end of the day you are legally entitled to MAT leave. x
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