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2WW anyone else with me.

Well i think i've just ovulated and now i'm on my 2 week wait. Need some buddies to stop me from testing. last month spent a small fortune as af was late so couldn't stop myself poas.

I'm determined this month to wait.


  • I think I ovulated but I am waiting for tomrw temp to confirm when.

    So i am with u image

    No early testing ... i hope i can resist. I was thinking of testing on 5th of May. I hope i dont test earlier :S

    when r u planning to test?
  • Hi Mrs KD, i'm on the 2WW...4DPO today! Hoping to hold off and test on 4th May, definately won't test before as I hate getting BFN.

    We can help each other to hold off! xo
  • Hi girls.

    Not sure when to test really as my cycles are a little mad lately. I had a mc in jan and before that my cycles were 28 days. However last month it was 39 days. So going on a 28 day cycle it would be 29th April but on the longer one it'll be 7th/8th may. Don't think i can wait that long but want to wait at least 14days after ov so that would be about 3rd may.

    Not sure how long after ov your meant to wait but have heard a few people getting hopes up with chem pregnancy so gonna try and wait as long as poss.

  • Good morning ladies!

    I got my first peak on my CBFM yesterday (and also have one today) so think I will be officially entering the 2WW from tomorrow. Only on month 4 of TTC, but have already developed a POAS addiction! Will try to hold off until Friday 7th May, as cycles average 33 days! Let's help each other to *step away from the hpts* x
  • im in there somwhere lol not sure on my ov dates or anything,kind of given up on all that lol but would be nice to share the tme wth a few ladies x
  • Pretty sure I'm 1DPO - had a positive OPK yesterday and the day before, and temp has shot up this morning, so I'm going to be sitting on my hands for the next 2 weeks to stop myself testing.

    Moving house on Saturday though, so that should help to distract me from symptom spotting!

    Hannah xx
  • I had a positive opk mon and yesterday so think i am 1dpo now, surprised i got positives then because i thought i was due to ov on next sun/mon glad i used the opk sticks sending baby dust to us all!!
  • Hey, I'm 3 DPO today, so I'm with you! AF due 3rd May but we're on holiday with friends and don't really want to tell anyone so that should stop me testing! Cycles are 26 days on the button every time, so if AF is late I will have a fairly good inkling that I am pg.

    2 weeks never went so slow :\(
  • I know MrsHobbes... they do go soooooo slow! Really hope this is everyone's month.

    Me and OH haven't told anyone we are trying so nice to vent some frustration on here with you guys xxx
  • hiya, im 8dpo, testing 27th, hopefully, if i can stop myself testing early, but im realy finding it hard not too atm! xxxxxxx
  • Can I join in please??

    I'm 2dpo, my first 2ww. It's going to be a long one!!
  • Hey McGillair, welcome :\) It's my first too. Draaaaagging.

    I'm sat on the sofa in my wedding dress watching Don't Tell the Bride. Oh dear.
  • he he, Mrs Hobbes. Hope you don't think I'm a mad stalker, but I saw on the wedding forum (the YAYW spin off, I love it btw!) that you were sitting in your dress, mine is hanging up waiting to be dry cleaned! Brilliant!

    and I like your name, Calvin and Hobbes are my favs, and a had a little to do with me marrying my man!

    Hopefully we all won't have to endure many 2ww!xx

  • im also waiting and its draaagggiiing!!!!! x
  • I've just started my third 2ww. Hope it goes quicker than the last.
    Have learnt my lessosns from the last two:
    1. No sympton spotting (after convincing myself my symptoms were all early pregnancy and were infact pill adjusting/af.
    2. No early testing (after a false positive at 10dpo)

    I too will be on holiday on D day Mrs Hobbes. In Croatia and Venice with OH. Lets hope its an omen, and if not at least I can get blind drunk without feeling guilty ha ha!
    Good luck everyone x
  • Lol no don't worry McGillair! Hehe I was bored of waiting to test so this seemed like a logical distraction! Glad you like the forum :\) Hopefully we catch this month because I can't do this every month!

    Holiday BFPs here we come Lou. And I'm liking the blind drunk option for a bfn. How are you feeling now? x
  • Feeling a mixture of quietly positive and worried we've not done enough. What will be will be though. Was very upset with BFNs the first two months so am trying to be calmer this time. We've gone for quality over quantity this month, every other day rather than at it like rabbits. Hope its worked, bit I fear I will remain anxious now for the 2ww! x
  • not sure when I ovd, think af due around the 1st so can I join the two week wait gang please!!
  • Hi girls, how we all doing?
    I've been away in newcastle for a couple of days which was a great distraction. So going to try and keep myself busy for the next week.....even thinking of getting back into the gym. My god i must be desperate!!!!!
  • Keeping busy is definitely the way forwards! 3 DPO today, and am absolutely determined not to symptom spot. Our new flat needs redecorating in every room, so I'm hoping that'll keep my mind off it, and I've given all my HPT's to DH to hide until (hopefully!) AF is late, so absolutely no early testing this month.

    Anyone got anything promising to report?

    Hannah xx
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