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Currently thinking about when we might have our second little person and was wondering what age everyones little ones stopped using a the moment my little person wants to walk but gets tired and gives up after a little while but not sure whether we would need a double buggy/pushchair if we were to have a second.



  • I think it depends on how old your lo will be when baby comes along. Lily is 22 months and baby number 2 is due in a week and we have brought a tandem. She is a fantastic walker but I just can't be running after her in busy places like town etc. Plus on a day like today we were out all day and she got tired. My tandem is a Phil and Teds sport and can be used in single or double mode so its an investment...if Lily suddenly decides she definitely hates the pushchair and I am happy with her walking we will just use it as a single.
  • I completely agree with ILOVEMYGEEK, I have a 21 month old and am expecting no2 in 8 weeks, and have bought a Phil and Teds Sport - ds is a good walker and we don't use a pushchair that much, but I do want to have a double to use if we go into town etc just to keep him in one place for a little while, but it can be used as a single when he doesn't want to use it or doesn't need it any more. And there are times when I need to go out somewhere over nap time, so it's useful to have the pushchair for him to nap in.
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