baby's hair falling out

when does it stop??? Or will he lose all of it???

My first ds was born with no hair so I have no idea what to expect!


  • My son lost all but a strip across the back, it looked like a little old mans haircut. LOL!!
  • Dd1 was born with loads of hair and didn't lose any of it. dd2 was born with a little bit of hair and lost most of it, except for a little bit on top, she looked quite funny with a kind of reverse monk look with a patch of hair on top and none round the sides or back. She is 7 months now and it has grown back, still very short and very fair though so she still looks nearly bald from a distance.
  • My lo had lost all his newborn hair by the time he was 5 months old, it was dark brown when he was born and it grew back blonde-he went through an awkward stage where he had a brown mullet, a clump of ling brown hair either side and blonde sprouting all over the top!x
  • My lo was born with dark brown hair, he lost the back and a little off the sides about 3 months and it also thinned on top but not badly and then it grew in blonde and with a curl in it and it came in pretty quickly too. He is now 11 months and has had his haircut 4 times and desperately needs it done again!!
  • DD had loads of black hair when she was born. It started to fall out at the back gradually after a few weeks tho. At one point she had a bald patch but then it suddenly stopped falling out and grew very quickly and has continued to do so ever since. x
  • My mum says all my hair fell out when I was 6 months, she put baby oil on my cradle cap and it came out in chunks! :lol: It grew back quite quick she said, there's pics of me at 12 months with quite a bit, though not as much as some babies I must admit. I thought my son's hair would do the same thing but it didn't!
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