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feeling a bit bored :/

i know this is an awful thing to say, i really enjoy being a mummy and love my baby boy more than anything. But at 11 weeks old, im finding he suddenly doesnt want to sleep much and wants constant entertaining. On days where we have plans we're ok, but today we only went to the shops, and home for 2pm. He goes to bed at half six and its been a really long afternoon alternating between having his nappy off and kicking around, breast feeding and activity mat. This is one of several where me and him are bored, he's grizzley wanting entertaining, i dont know how to entertain him and feel fed up image I tell him over and over what a beautiful boy he is and sing him songs, but tbh run out of stuff to say! i feel guilty that ive watched tv while he's grizzled on his mat (i never let him properly cry, just grizzle where he's annoyed). I love taking him to see grandparents etc as they have all this fresh excited energy with him. Everyone tells me im a good mum and i feel guilty coz they dont see the pair of us at home,me moving him around, not talking to him as much as i probably should image please dont anyone think im a bad mum, he's always clean, dry, fed and is loved. Does anyone else feel the same? Tomorrow we have mums group and then off to my mums so hopefully poor LO will have a better time x


  • You are doing a brilliant job! Nobody can be perfect a.d 100% supermum all the time so give yourself a break.

    I found Baby sensory classes great around the 12 week mark. They gave me lots of ideas for activities/songs. I also made some friends too. Maybe investigate them?

  • oh hun dont worry i felt like this from 2-4 months, drove me mad. it was like... she cant do anything but she wants to do it and i have to do it for her.

    wriggly toys etc can be soooo boring.

    do you have an activity arch? something with lights and noises? this was my lifesaver.

    do you have a bouncy chair so u can do something and have baby watch? (i find doing + singing at the same time is always fun for babies)

    its hard but you'll find out what baby enjoys and then once they can sit in bumbos and hold stufr ur away!

    hang on in there, it gets easier, ur doing a fabbie job, being a mum is sometimes a bit boring xxx
  • ah thanks ladies you've made me feel better. We've had a couple of better days. I was so spoilt in the beginning, i pottered at home a lot, watched tv, feeding him and putting him back down - its all been a bit of a rude awakening! He's such a good boy really and has always fed well, sleeps well at night and is not a whingey baby so i am lucky.

    Mrs DAO one of the girls at the meet ups has asked me to go to chatterbox with her on monday - which i think encourages speech developent (which i know is a long way off but i think might just be sensory development at this stage, which sounds like what you did.

    rosemary we have a gym and bouncy chair - sadly both overused and now he's bored of them although will go in them sporadically. His favorite thing is being naked on the changing mat!! He had a neck injury from his birth so his head control is a little behind, 12 weeks on sunday and dying to use the bumbo and door swinger but in all honesty dont think he's quite ready. You've filled me with hope though! Yesterday he started batting toys for the first time so hopefully soon will hold things - i keep placing them in his hands to encourage him. I sing and dance a lot with him in my arms - must be funny to watch to anyone looking in from the street! Im realising that i absolutely must go somewhere every day - its not how it was in the beginning (and i know im lucky i had that time to get over the birth). I think if i aim not to be home before 1530 i can cope with entertaining him till bedtime from then. Got plans for next two days and then its the weekend...its sad to wish the time away as hes small and gorgeus and cuddly and i know it'll go quick, but dont like to see him frustrated. x
  • Hey,

    I talk to my son about really mundane things. I sort of commentate my day to him and he loves it! :lol:

    We also watch tv together sometimes or go for walks and I'll tell him what's on tv or ramble off my shopping list to him. Luckily whilst they can't understand what we're saying they are very interested! Not sure how long that lasts though! image

    Don't beat yourself up xx
  • you are doing great huni honestly, he sounds like an adorable little boy who loves his mummy so much he wants to hear you and see you all the time image any parent and baby groups you can attend go for it as you'll keep the baby entertained seeing and experiancing new things and you'll meet other mums who you may find you can call on for company, walks, trips to the park etc.

    You aren't on your own in your feelings - please remember you are never on your own, you've got all us ladies to call upon any time.

  • I felt the same with my daughter and the best thing I did was join some baby groups. We go to a bumps and baby group on a tuesday so I get to talk to other mums and then I take her swimming once a week. We are only in the pool about half an hour but she sleeps for a good two hours after which gives me a little 'me' time to read a magazine or sleep! x
  • Hi Alfie,

    I think this is really normal! None of us can be perfect!! I think you will find as your LO becomes more able you will find him easier to entertain. Have you tried changing the hanging toys on play mat, changing mat or bouncy chair. I did this a couple of weeks ago & my LO took to one chime mobile immediately & started batting it around image Since then he has started grabbing rings on toys hanging above him & all sorts. I bought a selection of hanging toys off ebay & gave them good clean & also use those rings that link together (about ??5 a pack from boots). Also my LO likes the baby books with contrasting colours, a singalong CD and baths so he has two a day image To be honest we just repeat the things he likes doing and try adding in new stuff sometimes he likes it others he doesn't!

    Good luck & remember you're doing fab


    P.S sometimes we also sit on the sofa watching TV or a film and LO will sleep on me awhile. This way I get a little me time.
  • You sound completely normal to me, don't be so hard on yourself you're doing a fab job. Getting out every day will do you the world of good I'm sure and your baby will obviously have loads of fun too, and lap up all that grandparent excitement it gives you a well needed break.
  • hi ladies thanks for the nice replies

    tuliprose i do the commentating on my day thing too! Poor henry hears some total crap bless him! but its supposed to be good for them to hear your voice so i talk, tlak talk.

    babyprincessuk im forcing myself to go to chatterbox group tomorrow am meeting one of the mums beforehand and i already know 3 i can call on to go for coffee - and i must. Its so much easier when we seek out company, it entertains both of us.

    linds hadnt thought about the toys - just seen some clip on toys on the asda website for only ??3.50 (they always seem such a lot of money for what they are!) he's only just started to bat things and will hold them if i curl his fingers round them myself but still isnt amazingly interested. He's 12 weeks do you think he will be soon? How old is your LO?

    30something good to hear from you! How are you doing? The grandparents are totally besotted with henry and when i go i breathe a sigh of relief, i know they'll be cuddling him talking to him, playing etc and i know he loves them to bits. Would hate to call on them too often but dont think thats the case at the moment. x
  • being a mother is haaaard work! and like everything in life it comes with loads of ups and downs. some days are better, some days are harder. i also loos fwd to weekends when my husband is home and i dont have to take care of christopher on my own. i also make sure i go to at least one or two activities a week. my favourite one is baby massage. love it! christopher also loves kicking around naked so its great for him and i enjoy doing the massage as well as talking to other people. its also fun to practice at home. i also go to an exercise class where you can bring your baby. he loves checking everything out and is entertained the whole hour hehe. otherwise i take him for walks, show him picture books, sing to him, or just chat. and im knackered by the end of the day image
  • Hi Alfie,

    My LO is now 13+4 weeks and started hitting & grabbing at things about 2-3 weeks ago but I really think it's very individual. I know another mum whose LO is same age & is holding things whereas mine doesn't really hold things unless I put them in his hands! I realy think one toy really appealed to him & that got him started! I agree toys are expensive but second hand you can get some bargains - i pick stuff up in charity shops, ebay & take advantage of mothercare sale, boots 3 for 2 offers etc. One of my LO's faves is a hanging frog which cost about ??4 in boots! My health visitor said babies like toys to be swapped around so I just change things regularly.

    Sounds like Henry is doing fab image

    Linds x
  • thanks ladies, have ordered some 3 for 2 toys from boots online, ELC ones as someone told me they are good. One is an activity bar for the car seat so travelling is not so painful, hopefully! The other two are birth-6months with colours, textures and noisy bits on. Im going to pick them up from the local boots tomorrow! We had the all clear from the physio yesterday and she says its now fine to use door swinger and bumbo. Tried him in the bumbo and his head is still a little wobbly. But will persevere in short bursts.

    Tomorrow no plans! Eek! Have exhausted every option and been to see everyone we can think of. So going to hoover with henry in bouncy chair watching, might try door swinger, and planning a long walk and feeding in cafe on my own. At least he will see people coming in and out! I would take him swimming but not got him a swim suit yet so will order one online x
  • Hi Alfie!

    One word - Jumperoo!! Expensive but totally amazing. Keeps my little entertained for ages!xx
  • thanks mrs mp, had seen them online but wasnt sure if it was ok for him as at 14 weeks his head control still isnt quite what it should be due to the neck injury he had at birth - still not quite ready for bumbo etc. Plus our little lounge is full of contraptions to entertain him - most of which he could take or leave, little monkey! Luckily my best friend had most things for her girls and she has lent me them all so not had to buy them. His favourite thing more than any gadgets is just to be naked and nappyless! How are you and charlie? I often think about you both and hope its all going well. Bet you are a fab mummy.

  • why you don't plan for a movie?

    I think this will be the best part of entertainment, what say?
  • erm...sorry not quite sure what you mean. I don't think my LO is much interested in movies yet, i wish!
  • How very odd!

    I know, our lounge is getting rammed full of toys, book and plastic contraptions too!

    My little cherub prefers to look at teh light fittings and picture on the wall. I say little, he's 72cm long at 15 weeks!!

    Little H sounds like a little treasure!xx
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