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New mum of premature baby born at 32 weekd

Hi there I'm a new and first time mum who gave birth at 32 weeks after my waters broke my little boy is now 3 months old since his original due date 5 months since I gave birth he is thriving now but had a rocky start in life I would love to hear from other mums of premature babies especially if you spent alot of time in a special care baby unit.


  • Hi there

    I am mum to a 34 weeker. Isla was delivered by c sec early as she had stopped growing. She weighed 3 lb 10 then went down to 3lb3. She was poorly and on a ventilator and spent 4 weeks in scbu all told. She is now 17weeks from birth and is 9 lb 7. Her social and cognitive skills are as a 17 week shoukd be but her physical regarding her head lifting is about 7 weeks behind. Isla suffers from reflux.

    How are your twins doing and how are you coping?

    Lovely to speak to you

  • Hi there good to hear from you I'm coping well now I only have 1 little boy and he is 20 weeks from birth weighed 12lbs 6ozs last week it's quite confusing with the birth dates and corrected dates for looking at their development. Have you been to any classes? Harry also had mild reflux but seems to have outgrown it now. Speak soon xx
  • Sorry baby brain! No idea why i thought you had twins!

    I havent been to any classes yet and was talking about this only last night. There is a baby time class just up the road from my house but when i went last week to get isla weighed all the babies there could at least push themselves up on their arms so i kind of feel isla wont get much out of yet until she is a bit more physicaly capable. What do you think? X
  • Me again

    Do you still worry about your little one? Every cough or sneeze isla does i worry will land her back in hospital x
  • Yes I worry all the time especially about his pooing as he had an operation on his bowels. I think you should just try the class and see I do think they are maybe still a little too young but it gets us meeting other mums. I'm currently trying to get Harry to sleep in his cot in his own room during the day as currently tends to sleep in the car seat when I'm out and about or in my arms when I'm in the house. Harry is still in his Moses basket in our room where does Isla sleep at night and during the day? I can't wait to get Harry into his own room at night but he's only 3 months from his original due date so I think it's too early. How does Isla sleep at night?
  • Hi,

    I had twins at 32 weeks and it was very hard in the early days, I worried about everything, but they are now 19 months, and apart from being a little bit smaller than some babies the same age as them they're totally fine!

    Good luck with your little one. Try to enjoy it as much as you can because it really does go in a flash x
  • Thank you for your response he's spot on now for his weight and height for a 3 month old so I'm happy with that. Do you mind me asking when you weaned your twins and how you knew when to do it?
  • Excellent news! Well done you! it's not all the baby or nature, it's mainly Mum's hard work to thank.

    I weaned them once they were 6 months - they couldn't even sit up so I felt it wouldn't be right to do it sooner. so basically, I did it cos that's when I believed I had to, and I felt it was OK because they were 4 months corrected and that's the minimum age for weaning any baby - but I checked with the health visitors and pediatrician too.

    They enjoyed their food at first, but I struggled with my daughter til she was about 10 months, eg not wanting the spoon in her mouth. I tried a combination of home made purees, baby lead weaning and then pouches like Ella's Organic who do some simple pure flavours - you can open a pouch and freeze it in cubes (saves soooo much time, wish I'd known it early on).

    I bought really expensive highchairs which were suitable from birth to give them the support they needed (chicco polly magic) but I wish I'd not - I hate them! So many nooks and cranies for the food to get in, a real nightmare to keep clean. I wish I'd simply fed them in their bouncy chairs until they could sit up and then got a very cheap basic (like Ikea) chair which is easy to clean. Sure it's not got the padding, recline etc, but so what - they're really not in them for long.

    Feel free to ask any more Qs if you have them (although I only log on about once a week)
  • I had a little boy at 27+6wks, he is now 8mths old, 4mths corrected. He is my first, it all happened at home, over an hr away from hospital. Very frightening! We hadn't even been to any antenatal classes!!.. We were in the Neonatal Baby Unit for 16wks.. He is a perfect little boy who is weaning really well. He was on home oxygen for a couple of months but no permanent damage.. X
  • Hi ladies

    Lovely to hear from other mums of prems.

    Isla sleeps from 11 ish til 7.30 and is still just about in her moses basket!

    Do you do tummy time? I am trying so isla can get more head control but she is really not that keen. X
  • i used to worry about doing all the things one's 'supposed' to do, like nappy free time and tummy time daily, but they hated tummy time and nappy time was just so much extra cleaning up!!

    Don't worry too much about the tummy time, I thought they'd suffer if they didn't have it, but they've developed just fine. Guess it's easier with just one to maybe put the baby over your knee, on your tum with you led down, on your chest etc so they're still having to lift their head, but it's not as stressful for them as being on the floor x
  • Hi there great news on Isla sleeping Harry's not so good he goes down about 7.30pm I dream feed him at 11pm then he wakes at 2-3am for a feed then usually starts to stir about 5.30 ish but he's not hungry so I normally can settle him til 7am i can't wait for him to sleep through. I do put him on his tummy sometimes but not that often as he doesn't really like it his head control is pretty good though he's just starting to grab his toys now which is great to see. How much milk does isla have in a day? Harry takes between 700-800ml in a 24 hour period he's never that hungry earlier on in the day and takes most of his milk at bath time and evening. Great to hear from you xx did you try and classes? Only one I'm going to is a mother and baby class/get together.
  • Hi Lyndsay thanks for the reassuring messages I feel more settled now but I still over analysis everything like is he getting enough milk,why is he not sleeping through yet etc. I think its because I like to be in control of what's happening and I'm so not now. I was told to try and wait until he is 5 months corrected 7 months from birth before weaning him but im just going to see how we get on. How long did you give baby rice before you gave vegetables etc?
  • Hi ladies

    The health visitor came yesterday, isla is now 10lb 5!

    She told me to try weaning at 6 months corrected age(4.5 months for isla) . Have you looked on the Bliss website? That says to wean at 6 months corrected sgo too and they have a factsheet on weaning.

    I am thinking of going to rythmn time classes after whitsun holiday then my mum in law will continue to take isla in sep when i go back to work.

    Do you know anyone locally who has a prem baby that you meet up with?

  • I keep in touch with a couple of them how about you? I live in Newcastle in the UK where do you live? Are you thinking of waiting til 6 months corrected? Isla is a good weight Harry was 13lbs 7oz last week. I think I'm aiming for 5 months corrected but I will just wait and see. My experience with HV are that they don't know much about prem babies mine just tells me to check with my consultant at the hospital.
  • How many weeks is harry now?about 22? Isla takes anywhere from 500ml a day to 900ml on a good day! Her first feed is 8am and the last one is 11pm.

    I live in redditch, midlands and keep in touch with 2 mums that were in the scbu with me and isla.

    I cant wait for her to be 13lbs. She still seems so small. (:

    How heavy was harry born?

  • Harry will be 22 weeks on Sunday he was 3lbs 11ozs so he was a good weight he also never lost any weight even though he was Pretty poorly at times which I couldnt believe. He is quite a big boy now and pretty strong I was at a mother and baby class this morning and he was the same weight as a 4 month old girl he takes between 700-800ml a day. It's a shame we didn't live closer as we have very similar aged babies.
  • Wow hasnt he done well to get to over 13 lbs! Maybe i should give isla some of the sausage rolls i am cooking for a party tomorrow!

    It is a shame we are such a long way(:- i am sure isla would love to introduce harry to her friends. image
  • i had my little girl at 32weeks after my waters broke. we were very lucky and she was absolutley fine needing no oxygen or any help with her breathing. she was in scbu for just 19 days. developmentally she did very well, her cognitive and social development were in line with her real age while her physical development was in line with her corrected age. this did pose problems for us as she was so frustrated with her body as in her head she wanted to be able to do things but her body would not play ball. until her body caught up with her head she was a ball of rage lol but once she learnt to crawl she was a different girl.

    she was 3 last october and is now a typical 3 yr old, good and bad lol.

    i had another baby in december and after a few escape attempts at 31, 32 and 35 weeks i finally went into labour at 40+3 and delivered at 40+4.
  • i had my twins at 31wks after my waters broke,they stayed in scbu for 5wks which was hard as i had also a DS1,he was 20 months at the time,so felt like i was been pulled in 2 directions as i needed to be home for my little boy but also needed to be at hospital for my babies,lucky for me i have a fab mil,who helped with ds1 when i used to go to the hospital,the twins are 3 now and in nursery and they are doing fab
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