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12 week scan dates!

Shall we have a post to record when our 12 week scans are (as and when we get them through)? Mine is 20th September, I'll be 11+4!


  • Mines 1st October I'll be 12+2
  • 21st September - will be 12 + 1

  • Mines 22nd Octobe Ill be 13 weeks x

  • Mines 1st October, I'll be 13 weeks 3 days, then got an appointment with the consultant on the 3rd because of having a 3rd degree tear last time (although the midwife reckons it'll all be fine this time, and I'll still be able to have this baby on the midwife-lead unit). I'm hoping the consultant just asks questions, would like to keep my dignity until April! :0)


  • No idea yet! Seeing midwife for 1st time on 18th Sep x 

  • Do you get your date when you visit the midwife or are you sent a letter? I can't for the life of me remember what happened first time around! x

  • Absolutely no idea! But seeing the midwife next week when i'll be 11+1 so hoping it will come through v soon after?! x


  • still not heard anything from the midwives image
  • no idea yet.....!!!! my frst doc appt's on 11 sep ... i'll be 9+4 then

  • I have a scan on Friday at 8:30am and I should know then of I am

    8+3 or 12+3. If 8+3, hopefully they can give me a date for 12 wk scan x
  • 9th October. Should be 12+ 6 image
  • Glad you're staying with us!!! How did the scan go? Xx
  • Mines the 17th September and I think I will be 11 + 4 xxxx I can't wait very impatient xxx
  • I started crying when I lay down. She asked me what was wrong and I said I was

    Just nervous. First thing she said was 'ur not 12 wks' then didn't say anything until she turned the screen round. She said 'you can't see much but there is the heartbeat'. She wasn't the friendliest sonographer i have ever seen that's for sure! I said I wanted a pic and again she said, 'u can't see much' but I said I didn't care! X
  • your all sooooooo lucky lol, still waiting for my scan date to come through the post!! imageimage 

  • Give ur scan dept a ring. Thats what I did.  I kept pestering them then they called me and sent me a letter.  x

  • She sounds awful! The inportant thing is baby is ok and you get to see them again in a few weeks! I can't see much on my 8 week scan but its nice to have x
  • I have a private scan on Sunday and my 12 weeks scan on the 26th September! The midwife booked it there are then x

  • the midwife just called me and ive got my booking in appointment next Friday so hopefully ill know a scan date then image really pleased as its the same midwife i had when i was pregnant earlier in the year and she's lovely!
  • That's really good Devon_Mummy.  I am seeing MW on Monday for bloods and she will be my MW up until I go into labour.  Hopefully she is nice.  She wasnt there when I had booking in apt, she was on leave. x

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