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hiya girls quick one!! 

I've been using the PREGNACARE conception tablets and this month I've had 5 faint positives.. can these conception tablets give you false positives? Has anyone heard of it?

Periods 4 days late today and have heard that these can mess with periods anyway sometimes just worried that my faint positives are wrong due to these tablets imageimage 



  • I have been using them for 2 months now and dint get any false positives they're only vitamins and not harmones so they should not mess with the testing process .. I hope this helps .. 

  • hiya I am taking them aswell I am now 2 days late. Did a test before and got a negative. Going to wait a few more days to see what happens. This time last week I was getting strong cramps so I thought here she comes but nope nothing And now my left boob is so sore and my right one is sore but not as much. So I don't know if they have messed my AF up or I am just late or I am pregnant and Its too early to test xxx

  • I'm four days late and have had 7 faint dip tests and was just worried incase they may affect it as the hcg level doesn't seem to be changing unless it's just the test I'm using the line only changes slightly in shade! 

    although hearing that mandym its makes me more confident! I've just bought two first response tests so il try them in the morning!!! 

  • Good morning lovely lady's ???????? another test done and got a BFN. Going to wait a week to see what's happens. How did the test go hutchbunny xxx

  • Oh I'm so sorry but it's not a rule out until she arrives! 

    This morning I used a first response and got a BFP! I'm still in shock! Xxxx 

  • Don't rule any thing out till af arrives keeping everything crossed for you Liz what tests are you using some are not as sensitive as others so might not pick it up xx

  • Yyyaayyy congratulations what an amazing Mother's Day present . I just used poundland ones. I get paid from work on Wednesday so I will go and get a first response one or I might wait till the weekend xxx

  • Oh and I have ended up with a full blown cold. I was fine yesterday afternoon but it hit me last night image xxx

  • Congratulations Hutchbunny! What lovely news, and on Mothers Day too! If you fancy it, why not pop over to the Due in November 2015 Birth Club to have a chat with other lovely ladies expecting around the same time as you? you can find it here:



    Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy and we look forward to your updates!


    Liz Brown2 keeping my fingers crossed for you! Oh yuck a cold! Hoping you feel better soon, I always find a mug of hot honey, lemon and fresh ginger helps perk me up!

  • Hey! I brought these today and started taking them today. Let's see how it goes...

  • They taste horrendous don't keep them in your mouth too long! Haha!

  • Glad it wasn't just me who thought that Hutchbunny!

    They are rank!

  • Ha ha they are horrible. I am going to try the seven seas ones , Iam going to buy them tonight when I go shopping and give them a try been reading up on them today and they have really good reviews xx

  • Hi girls!

    I'm getting married in July and recently started taking pregnacare conception in the hope it helps us to fall! i just wondered how long you were on it before you fell? By the way the tablets taste vile haha x

  • Hiya lovely I came off the pregnacare ones because they didn't work for me, so I went on to the the seven seas trying for a baby . I didn't even finish my first pack and I found out I was pregnant and they are a lot smaller and cheaper and they have the days of the week on the tablet pack. I am now 8+6 weeks pregnant . Xxx

  • Hi 2016 baby welcome to this beautiful journey ..I took pregnacare a few months ago and then centurium for a few month .. I noticed I had longer cycles ( 35- 38 )but never attributed it to the vitamins until onw month I forgot to take them and had a normal cycle ( 30 days)  I dont want to discourage you as they have worked a miracle for others just letting you know so you can keep an eye out in case 

  • hey ladies, 

    i have been taking the pills for about 2weeks now. period came earlier than usual, like 3 days early. flow was rather heavy than usual and my period last for like 2days. mom says its a good sign that am getting all the required vitamins so i like to believe the pills are being effective. 

  • Hey , quick question would you say these work , me and my boyfriend have been trying for a while and wanted to make sure my body has every it needs . Just want to know if there worth the money?? 

  • image I m useing these tablets.. 

  • Hello pregnacare conception posible to help me or no for baby ?

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