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*-*-*-*-tuesday 3rd Tri-*-*-*-*-

Never started one of these before! Hope everyone is well. Now Margot has had her BA, who is next? 

Today I have the dentist. Will be my sons first time as last appt he was poorly so couldn't come with me. Hope it goes OK as he is a nightmare with doing his teeth at the moment.

Aside from that, more tidying etc. Seems neverending but maybe that's because I'm also doing the cooking, washing and playing with my son that I normally do anyway



  • Morning IDC, good luck at the dentist. When i last took the girls it was really quick. The dentist counted their teeth and quickly checked them over. Stickers all round!  Our house seems to be constant mess at the moment. We are trying to finish off A's room and start on the nursery so there are tools and stuff around. Need to give H a rocket up his backside to get on with it at the weekend.

    Not much to report here, have 12 days left at work over the next 4 weeks. I asked if I could go a week earlier but got a very vague answer so it looks like I've got to stick it out. Fed up with work now & would like to spend a bit more time with the girls before baby arrives.

    Hello to all that follow



  • Morning.

    IDC - hope dentist goes ok. I need to get myself booked in. I think you might be next. I doubt it's me :(

    Noggin - hope the next 4 weeks go quickly.

    afm - mw this morning. I hope she has good news for me. My BIL sent us a photo of their 12week scan last night. Completely shocked as their lb has only just turned one!!

  • Morning ladies!

    IDC- hope the dentist goes okay. Don't worry too much about the house and take some time to put your feet up aswell

    Noggin- that's rubbish that they were being vague about you going a week earlier. Surely they cant stop you if you want to start your mat leave a bit earlier?

    Daisy- hope the midwife goes okay. Sounds like BIL is going to have his hands full

    AFM- Not git much planned today orther than chilling. H was very good and tidied and cleaned the whole house last night. So I've got no housework to do really. He does look after me. Would sometimes get a visit from my mother today but shes off on her holidays this week.

  • Daisy, some people are very brave!!!

    MS, sounds like you have a lovely day ahead of you!  Enjoy it :)

    I actually work in the HR dept, would you believe it and they have been rubbish! I've not had any letter from them confirming my leave and I handed my MatB1 form in on 22nd May along with my requested leave dates. I think i will being it up again today.

  • Morning :)

    Congrtualtions to MArgot :)

    IDC - hope the dentis goes ok

    Noggin thats unfair of them, they should let you go earlier.

    Daisy - crikey. rather you BIL than me. cant think of anything worse!

    Mummysimpson - isnt your hubs good bless him :)

    AFM - 3 days left at work. got tomorrow off. having MOT done and as hubs isnt working gonna have a nice breakfast together. we were talking about boys names last night...just incase twinklet doesnt come out a girl and the names we've come up with make baby sound like a boxer with our last name. either than or a gypo! so fingers crossed its a girl still haha.


  • Morning all.

    Congratulations to Margot!

    IDC - hope the dentist goes well.

    Noggin - :( for vague responses. If you can't finish a bit earlier then I hope it flies by for you.

    Daisy - good luck with MW. I hope she tells you you're in labour and you just didn't notice yet!

    MS - sounds like a lovely day, enjoy.

    AFM - I've been woken up by the roof-fixing men who are replacing the flashing around the chimney. They did most of it yesterday but are back to finish this morning. They are being really really loud (big crane, music playing) so I bet the neighbours are impressed. I will be mostly staying out of their way! The nursery is now fully painted and carpeted and looks lush. I may order some more things to go in it today. Haven't really decided what to do with myself yet.

  • Missed you there Twink - only 3 days left! Lovely. Don't worry, I'm sure your little boxer will be a girl haha.

  • IDC - hope dentist goes ok, I have a bit of a crush on my dentist so it's always a treat to go there!

    Noggin - I'm sure it'll soon fly by but if you really want to finish a bit earlier then do, they can't exactly stop you.

    Daisy - good luck at the mw. Exciting about another neice or nephew and cousin for your girls.

    MS - what a star your H is!

    AFM - busy day yesterday, did manage to fit in a half hour nap though, totally wasted given I didn't go to bed until 11.30. Today we have A's swimming lesson, should be fun given he's woken in a foul, whiny mood *sigh*, then this afternoon meeting up with a couple of my NCT lot, one has a 6 week old and the other is 37w so we're all in the same boat.

    Got my consultant appointment through for next Wed, a pain in the butt as I've a lot of meetings that day so going to try and rearrange.

    BG 35+4

  • Missed a couple!

    Twink - I'm sure she'll be a girl, always good to have a back up though!

    TT - Urgh to being so rudely awoken! Go and buy some pretty things for the nursery to make up for it.

  • Morning Ladies,

    IDC- Hope the dentist is pain free :)

    Noggin- Rubbish that it looks like you are going to have to stick it out but only 12 more days!! Hope it goes quickly for you.

    Daisy- Looks like BIL is going to be very busy! My friend's LO was 11 months when her 2nd was born. She said it was so hard at first but now her little boy is 6 months things are getting easier. Good luck at the midwife.

    MS- Have a nice day relaxing. Can your H come and give mine a few lessons!? haha

    Twink- I have also been thinking of possible boys names 'just in case'. I think it's after that story last week! We can't decide on a girls name so maybe it would be easier if they had got it wrong! haha

    TT- Hope the roofers feel bad for waking a pregnant lady up! (but probably not..) Have an easy day of online shopping :)

    BG- Have a good day taking A swimming and with the NCT lot.

    AFM- Conked out on the sofa at about 10.20pm last night so feeling much better today. Quick question, how is everyone managing their 'down there' hair whilst being pregnant!? I have gone past the point of being able to see it properly without struggling to peer over bump so everything is getting difficult!

  • Down there? Can't see it = not my problem!

    TBH, my foof was a bit swollen and unhappy when it was hot so the less you could see the better! I have had the odd trim in front of the mirror with my hubbys elec clippers thing once or twice. I'm not overly fussed. Even if I never ever shaved I am not hairy enough for s big afro bush. I'd be a rubbish 70s porn star!

  • Morning everyone,

    IDC I haven't taken my lo to the dentist yet either, she was at nursery when it was my last appointment, but she too is a nightmare to look at her teeth

    Noggin I feel your pain, our house is a DIY nightmare. Hope you manage to get an early finish sorted

    Daisy fingers crossed for good news from MW

    MS- very jealous your h gas done all the housework, my house is a tip. I just can't seem to get motivated to do it. I'm hoping the nesting sets in soon!!

    Twink enjoy your last few days at work

    TT you will have to show us a pic when nursery is finished

    BG enjoy your catch up with the nct ladies, nice to have some friends who will have newborns the sane time as you

    AFM no plans for today. Think I need to get some tidying done really. Started making a list last night of what to pack in my hospital bag- it seemed very long! I don't do travelling light!  But since I know I'm going to be in at least 3 days after ECS it seems to make more sense for me to bring enough to last me rather than keep making H bring stuff in each day for me. Just don't know if there will be space round the bed for my suitcase haha!!

    Congrats to margot, can't wait to see a photo and hear her birth story. Hope everything went smoothly and the boys are loving their new little sister

    JT 30+5

  • Missed you there Sam.

    An 11 month old and a newborn!!! My worst nightmare! Although that was the age gap my sister had and she also had another two- so four kids under 5! Her hubby was sent off for the snip pretty quickly after that!!  They're all grown up now and she has absolutely no idea how she did it!!

    As for the hair. I just have a bit of a guess. I don't use the mirror as I think it would confuse me more! I remember last time I was pregnant I looked in the mirror one time and realised the top was totally diagonal- like a 45degree angle!

  • Sam - with  razor and using the sense of touch.  Going swimming once a week kind of forces me to keep it all in order Laugh

    JT - how comes you'll be in for 3 days after ECS?  I was only in 2 days after an EmCS.

  • I thought it was always 3 days. That's what I was told by the consultant at my 16 week appointment. I have another appointment at 34 weeks when I get my date booked so will ask them again then if there's any chance of getting out earlier. I would love not to have to stay in that long. I was in a week last time because W had an infection but I got a private room so it wasn't too bad. 3 days in a ward will be a nightmare

  • JT- 4 kids under 5!? That would definitely send me mental.

    Well I actually got H to tidy up down there last night. Actually.. it was more H's suggestion, I think this proves that it was probably way over due! haha There really are no secrets in our house!

  • I know she even says herself now that she must have been mad! Her house was always so noisy and chaotic. But now they're older they're all really close its nice. I couldn't do it though- I'm nervous enough about a 22 month age gap!

  • H's daughter will be 5 in Feb and even the thought of having baby and SD for the 2 nights a week we do is worrying me! H has said that he would love another baby where the age gap isn't too big though so we will see!

  • Oh god I really hadn't thought about how when I start my aquanatal classes I'm going to have to find a more efficient way of tidying up the lady garden!

  • Hello all,

    IDC - hope the dentist goes ok. Our house seems to need constant tidying at the mo as well and that's without any children in it!

    Daisy - GL for the midwife today. Congrats to your BIL!

    MS - your H sounds lovely, can I clone him? Put your feet up if you have no housework to do!

    Noggin - shame about your work. Hopefully the next few weeks will go quickly for you.

    twink - 3 days left sounds fab, have you got much to keep you busy there or can you just wind down a bit?

    TT - exciting that the nursery is coming along so well, you'll have to share some pictures when you're finished with it.

    BG - anti-tantrum vibes for A's swimming today, hope it goes ok!

    Sam - quick tidy with a razor whilst just kind of feeling my way round and hoping for the best for my lady garden! I am considering a proper salon tidy ahead of the birth!

    JT - I don't travel light either so my hospital bag list is quite long and I could potentially be in and out the same day! Enjoy your day x

    AFM - haven't been on for a few days. Had a bit of a dodgy tummy yesterday so came home from work and it's developed in to my first cold that I've had since falling pregnant. I've never gone this long without a cold before and was hoping I could make it a year, ha. Stayed off work again today as I just can't sleep and still feeling rubbish. So really not a lot planned for me today, laying on the sofa feeling the woe I think!

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