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***weekend 1st tri***

Morning ladies

Ive been aawake on and off since about 5am which is so annoying! !! On the plus side I think the exhaustion issstarting to lift a bit. I hope the nausea doesn't take long to do the same. 

Baby ballet with p this morning and then riding my horse later. Really need to do a food shop but not sure I can face that on a Saturday! !

Hope everyone is feeling well. Browny if you're lurking I have been thinking of you. 



  • Morning all.

    AR, rubbish on the early waking front, but I'm glad you're feeling less tired anyway. Hopefully it's the start of a general upswing and you'll be generally feeling much better soon. How long do you think you'll be able to keep riding for?

    Afm, got a lovely lie in from the toddler till 7 ( slightly cancelled out by him being up on and off till midnight) which was much nicer than yesterday's 5.35 wake up call! Generally I'm feeling ok, but so so bloated and (tmi) keep needing the loo. I has the same with J so I think that's just my early pregnancy symptom. Told the parents yesterday and they were very pleased for me. Also booked an early scan for 3 weeks time, which seems ages away. Definitely a downside to finding out so early.

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. Thinking of you too browny if you're around.

  • Good morning :)

    Ar  sorry you woke so early :(  enjoy baby ballet and horse riding later :)

    Sg - yay for a bit of a lie in ..glad your parents were happy :)  good luck with the scan :) is that a private scan?

    Afm. Actually slept all night  so feel amazing today! Not much planned for today it's miserable here ;(

  • Got my scan date today, 28th October, 2 days before H's birthday so that will be nice!

  • AR - that's an early start! How long do you think you'll be able to carry on riding for? Did you ride when you pregnant with P? I'm impressed, I definitely need to get some motivation for exercise once this tiredness lifts a little!

    Spikey- glad your little one let you have a bit of a lie in this morning!  I'm sure 3 weeks will fly past and your scan date will be here before you know it.

    CC - glad you got your scan date through and feel better today.

    I got a letter this morning changing my 20week scan. It's still the same date but instead of first thing in the morning it's slap bang in the middle of the day so completely impractical. I work in London and the hospital is out in Essex so I'd have to leave work about half 11 and wouldn't be able to go back afterwards (would be the soffice H as I really want him to come with me). Plus I'd  planned a lovely day with my mum after the scan while H went back to work. Grr, I'm annoyed they're messing up my plans! Wish they'd call instead of sending letters, I'll have to call them on Monday and see if I can get a more sensible time I even if it means changing the day.

    Just off to do some shopping, might treat myself to a couple of new bits but mainly looking forward to going for lunch though!

  • Oh how annoying Flossy hope you can change it to a better time!

    Enjoy your shopping!

  • SG - bloating and needing the loo is what i had early on too. 3 weeks seems ages now but it'll pick up. I've found time has gone faster this time as i have so much else to do. I rode to 20 weeks with P and hoping to do the same, or possibly longer this time. We'll see how it goes.

    cc- sleep is awesome, makes all the difference to everything!!

    flossy - that is SO annoying about the time. My 12 week one is 11.20 which is a pain too buti 'm not changing it as i don't want it to be any later, at least i don't work far from the hospital. Nightmare for you having to come out of London. Enjoy shopping.

    I rode until 20ish weeks with P and hope to do the same. I've stopped jumping and competing, plus i'd only ride my own horse now. It's good to keep active i think and is a good reason to get out in the fresh air. Even when i'm exhausted afterwork and don't feel like going to the stables, i have to and i'm always pleased once i've been.

  • CC- yay for your scan date, and for a good night's sleep. Mine is a private scan, I've no good reason for needing one early, I just want to make sure everything's progressing normally and that there's only 1, twins would be terrifying, and I'd need to get my head round that as early as possible!

    Flossy - how annoying about your scan date, I hope it can be changed.

    AR- keeping active is a definitely a good thing, I got huge last time as I did nothing, and it didn't do me any favours! It must be nice to have some you time too. 3 weeks probably will fly by, especially with a toddle to run around after, you can't quite concentrate as much on a pregnancy!

  • Wow, horse riding? I've got to come up with some sort of exercise routine that's more than just walking the dog, but at the minute I'm too stuffed with cold to function.

    And sorry to hear about the inconvenient scan times.

    Nothing else new for me today, just laid up in bed within I could take something for this cold.

  • Hello ladies. Coming to the thread late as tiredness hit me like a truck today. Worked 65 hours Sunday to Friday and coped really well and today the sinuses are irksome again and I'm like a raggedy lump of person with zero anything in me. My nephew is here now to watch a movie whilst hubby and son are at work and I'm really struggling. He's a bit of a handful but super super loveable. We popped to see him this morning, all of us, to tell him about the baby and it's blown his mind. His mum (my sis) is having twins so the idea of a brother, a sister, AND a cousin to a crazy 7 year old only child is just out of this world!

    AR - how was your ride? The weather here is beautiful and autumnal, hope you had the same.

    SG - glad your parents were pleased. Early scans are great. I hadn't known such things were possible and it's fab!

    CC - woohoo to a decent night's kip. It makes a world of difference doesn't it.

    Flossy - what did you buy and what did you eat?! The scan thing is terrible. I get very frustrated at how much time off is needed out of work for medical stuff, in this day and age I should be able to book to see my GP evening or weekend or get appointments start/end of day due to work, or not take my son out of school for a routine appointment. It's a pet peeve lol. Good luck changing it.

    Wispa - good luck with the cold. Rotten timing as you're probably shattered!

    Ollie goes at 9pm and then I'm back to bed. Counting the minutes lol.

  • Counter i'm not surprised you're tired. Can you have a lazy day tomorrow? Ride was lovely thanks, it was sunny and surprisingly warm. H came too with P in the back carrier for a walk which was fun. P loves it although she is constantly asking to get up on my horse with me, hehe!

  • Hello all, just back from work again. One more day shift tomorrow, Monday off, then into 3 nights. Ugh!! Feel much better now my best friend and parents know, as I said in the tail end of yesterday's thread.

    Regarding exercise, I don't intend to stop climbing and walking. I accept that high altitude stuff is out for now, hence having our Andes exped in June before ttc, but UK mountaineering shouldn't be a problem. I'll need a full body harness as I get bigger and my centre of gravity moves up, but that should be all. I'm also more determined than ever to work as long as able without telling anyone. Some people said I'd feel different once pregnant, and I'd want to stop frontline work, but I really don't. Luckily winter is coming, and I have a uniform fleece that's nice and baggy!! Until I get uncomfortable, I'll work as usual.

    Really looking forward to Monday since it's not only my only day off in 8, it's also the day we plan to phone up and book an early scan :-)

  • AR my mum keeps nagging me to ride with her (gentle stuff) but in the beginning I felt dizzy and spaced out and now I just don't feel comfortable. I just think 'what if...', which I know is daft. But then I don't ride regularly like you and am not particularly accomplished so that's got something to do with it too :)

    Barefoot I read your update in middle of the night (pregnancy wees!) but wasn't with it enough to reply. Great news re parents, loved your mum's reaction, and glad you told your friend, it's much nicer to share this stuff, I feel.

  • AR - I'm so impressed. Bet it'll be lovely for you when P can join in with riding too! Must be nice to have something that forces you to get out into the fresh air and exercise, wish someone had a dog we could borrow to force me into it!

    Counter - no wonder you're exhausted! Hope an early night and lazy day tomorrow helps.

    Barefoot - will you need to keep it a secret at work to stay working frontline?  Bet you can't wait for your day off!

    I was really restrained! I just bought one new pair of jeans with an elasticated waist (jeggings I guess) as my jeans are getting tighter and I have to undo the button by the end of the day, and a new top for work. We couldn't resist Mothercare and the baby section of John Lewis! H has fallen in love with a set of Silvercross furniture, typically the most expensive we looked at! We won't really be buying anything until after the 20 week scan, but I wanted to buy something little today, just a sleep suit or hat but couldn't really find anything neutral I loved and everywhere was so busy.

    Oh, and I had a burger from Byron for lunch, well done obviously!

  • Flossy, yes,  it has to be a secret, well hidden. The second they realise at work, that's me grounded! And while they may think it's protecting me, it will seriously damage my mental wellbeing, so OH and I have decided we'll hide it. Parents also in agreement and I hope to get midwife on board at my apt as well, whenever I get round to arranging one!

    Counter, it IS nice to share news, but I am also a little scared that I'm jinxing it by letting anyone know before the early scan. I need confidantes though, so the trusted few can know. OH wants to tell his parents tomorrow. We would have to hone them since no chance of seeing them for a good couple of months. I don't really want them to know yet, but I can't reasonably ask OH not to tell them when mine know. He just doesn't get that I told friend and my parents for me, not for them. I am clueless and just wanted real life "been there" women on my side!

  • I get that, I wanted to tell me parents when we found out but really didn't want to tell H's! In the end we told neither, and I just told a couple of friends (who I would have spoken to had anything gone wrong). We told our parents after our scan and actually it was quite nice to be excited about it with them rather than having to feel really uncertain (I worked myself up into a real state prior to my scan as my symptoms were so mild). I think it's fine to tell people who you would want support from if things went wrong or even if you're just struggling with symtoms. I found hiding it was so hard it was nice to have a couple of people to talk about it with.

  • No Barefoot!! There's no such thing as jinxing it! It will be, or it won't. As a rational, intelligent woman you know that calling your best friend and telling her you're pregnant will NOT cause a miscarriage. Not possible. No scientific connection between the 2 things, plus it's good for your emotional well being to share this stuff. Sorry, the concept of 'jinxing' is a pet peeve of mine.

    And I had something similar with my family/his family. My mum, sis and I have had 6 miscarriages between us, I wanted them to know so if I texted a question or phoned for support they were on the same page as me. Hubby said 'best tell my mum seeing as we've told yours' I half-explained I didn't see it like that but he was so keen, and is close to his mum, I just let it be.

  • LOL Counter, I know you're right, and in fact have said as much. Just don't want to get too many hopes up I suppose. I will feel a LOT better once I've had the early scan in a few weeks! Although historically Mum and I don't get on that well (too alike, probably) she's a breath of fresh air at the moment, complete antidote to all the health warnings etc. While I won't be silly and carry on drinking (OH finally got a case of alcohol free beer for me today), I feel I have someone in my corner to support me when I decide that I am going to carry on working, still climb the trees to prune them, still mess about on vertical rock faces as long as I am able, and be cautious but not paranoid with foods. At the moment I can't see any reason not to do my usual Scottish ski trips in Jan/Feb either, as long as I can fit into my kit, and steer clear of anything too hard. As I have said repeatedly in the last week, I'm pregnant, not ill!!

  • That's true Barefoot!! However for 90% of the time since I fell, I've felt ill not pregnant ha ha!!

  • Up at 5.30am today, this early waking is so annoying!!! Nothing much planned today exceptfor a ride this morning and roast lamb later. Yum!

    Barefoot I think the key is taking it day by day and listening to how you feel. I intend to ride until about christmas but I'll stop earlier if I don't feel comfortable. Interestingly I stopped jumping and competing earlier this time than with my daughter. I hadn't intense to I jut realised i was thinking about the baby and it was making too cautious. So I stopped. With anything like riding, climbing, skiing etc I think the biggest change is when you get a bump. At this stage when you don't feel pregnant its hard to imagine just how much a bump alters your balance and the way your body moves. It really surprised me last time and was the reason i stopped riding full stop. I also found once I felt baby move all the time infelt uncomfortable having them on a horse with me. You might find by the new year you already have a decent bump and feel unbalanced walking down the stairs, let alone skiing. Or you night find you're find. I found a balance that I was happy with, I'd be devastated if I had to stop riding now but obviously would if a health issue didn't givenme a choose. My H is also happy with me riding which is important to me

    A friend of mine rode until nearly 8 months just to make a point to people who kept telling her to stop. SHe later admitted tonne she felt very uncomfortable and was terrified. To me that is stupid and reckless and had she ha an accident she would never have been able to live with the consequences. A few months with your feet on the floor is nothing in return for a healthy baby. It's just all about balance and listening to yourself  

  • Morning ladies. I feel in a bit of a middle ground at the moment - I feel too early for 1st tri and too late for ttc but I guess this is the closest to where I'll fit.

    I took a clear blue Friday  said 2-3weeks, which according to the box is 4-5 weeks. Which roughly makes sense, I ovulated 2 weeks prior on the Thursday so Friday would have been day 1 of week 3.

    Can I ask a dumb question? When you guys say how many weeks you are and it's 7+2 does that mean 7 weeks 2 days? (I'm that much of a novice!)

    When should I go to the doctors? Everywhere I've read online says 8 weeks but I didn't know whether to call and just see if they want me or if they tell me to wait?

    Now that I've got my bfp I feel like I need an idiots guide to the 1st tri. I have no symptoms other than the idea of cereal in the morning isn't nice so I've switched to toast. Oh and it feels like I'm being nipple crippled all day but I'm kinda used to that now so blank it out. I just feel really normal and feel like that's a bad thing. Only experience of pregnancy to compare to is my sister and she's been off work ill since her bfp.

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